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25 Idea’s for the Perfect Self Care Sunday

Now, I’ve talked quite a bit about self care on here recently, and one thing I’ve realised is how different everyones definition of self care can be. So I thought I’d write a list of some of my self care idea’s. I’m hoping there’s a little bit of something for everyone here, whatever your needs may be. Write a to-do list Take a bubble bath…

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The Pressure of Young Adult Expectations | Sunday Thoughts

Young adult expectations are so bloody high these days. As soon as we finish school at 16, we’re expected to know what career path we want to go down. We’re expected to apply for college, and after that, university. Before we know it, we’re heading into our 20’s and supposed to be stepping into our forever career path? It doesn’t always work like that, you…

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Am I a Travel Blogger Now? We’re Going Abroad!

Jokes aside, I am definitely no where near a travel blogger. But I do have a few travel-related posted up and coming because, we’re going abroad! If you know me, you’ll know this holiday is waaay overdue; almost 7 years to be exact. I’ve written travel wish lists, upon dream holidays and guess what? Nathan and I have booked our first actual, real, proper holiday together abroad…

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Defining Self Care

Are you fed up of me banging on about self care yet? No? Good, because it is so important. Defining self care is such a difficult thing to do, that’s because what I class as self care, you may not. There are so many different things that I class as self care, which you may think ‘well, I do that without even thinking; is it really…

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What’s on my Spring Wishlist

It’s been a little while since I posted a Wishlist on this little corner of mine. Since the weathers been getting a litter warmer, and the days are getting ever so slightly longer. I thought, SPRIIIIING is on its way. Oh heeey new wishlist. Today I thought I’d do this a little differently a create a few different sections for my wishlist. We’re gonna go…

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