Princess Day

Every now and again my better half decides to treat me for the day, which we call ‘Princess Day’ and I thought I’d share my latest Princess Day experience…

On Wednesday we both had a day off work, which is pretty rare seen as we both work full time and don’t have set rotas which means our days off change every week. So we both woke up early, ready to spend the day together and the first thing Nathan said to me was get ready I’m taking you out for the day. I had no idea where and he wouldn’t tell me, it was a surprise. So up I got and after many outfit changes (I am horrendous at deciding on outfits!) and a quick bowl of cereal we were on our way.

We got in the car, I still had no idea where we were going and Nathan was not giving in. We had a little sing-song along to my favourite band at the moment, Hozier. I am in love with their album and cannot resist turning the radio up and singing my heart out even though I cannot sing for the life of me!!

Around 35 minutes and a few wrong turns later we ended up in Chester Zoo!! I loooove the Zoo and automatically turned into a child as soon as I saw the signs. Once we got our tickets we wandered around a few animals, the elephants, giraffes, spider monkeys and took waaaay too many pictures as usual.


Anyway, my all time favourite animals are tigers they are so beautiful I just can’t explain how much I love them; and when I found out there were tiger cubs I felt like crying. But there wasn’t just 1 tiger cub, there were 3, YES THREE! Three gorgeous, playful little beauties. I didn’t want to leave them *sad face* I asked Nathan countless times if we could “pweeeease take one home” because they were just so cute! All I wanted to do was just  grab one and squeeze it they looked so cuddly, I just wanted to snuggle them forever. I must have stood in awe grinning at them for at least a good half hour.


Yes, I know my pictures are kinda crappy but I was way too busy drooling over how adorable they were. 





Anyway, after I had finished dreaming about bringing a tiger cub home with me we finished our trip around the zoo and ended up going shopping where I was treated to some lovely new clothes. Without sounding bratty but I’m not fond of people buying me things, I always feel bad and I’m very independent when it comes to things like that. I love to treat others, I’d much rather go out and buy Nathan treats rather than him buy me. Anyway, I gave in this time and he treated me to a few little bits. Although I know I said in my old post I was starting to introduce some colour into my wardrobe but on this little shopping trip it all went down hill. Looking through my bags when I got home all I’d bought was black,white and grey (apart from a few cheeky treats from Lush).

Another crappy quality photo, I know. I will get good at this one day, I promise. 
Topshop MOTO Grey Ripped Jamie Jeans £42 ; absolutely loved these from the moment I tried them on, they’re so comfy. I have needed new jeans for a while now and always despise buying black Topshop jeans purely because they fade to grey after pretty much the first wash. I’m hoping this wont happen with these.
White Ribbed Crop Top & Black & White Ribbed Crop £3 each ; I’ve been looking for some basic tops for summer and found these beauties at a steal of just £3 each, both from Primark. I’d advise you get a couple of sizes larger if you don’t want them to be skin tight. I got both in size 14 although I’m usually a size because I don’t like skin tight tops especially in summer when its warm.
White Boxy Jumper with Lace Detail £5 ; so whilst I was rummaging around in Primark I found this super cute jumper with the lace detail on the shoulders, I couldn’t leave it there as it was half price. It’s super light and airy with 3/4 length arms. Perfect for the warmer days of spring or with a jacket for the colder days.
Grey & White Lace Detail Crop £8 ; this was yet again another thing I couldn’t leave in Primark. It can easily be dressed up for a meal/night out or dressed down for a casual day look. I love the detail in the pattern.
Roots £10.25 ; I’ve already left a little review on this product in an older post First Day I use it around 3/4 times a month, usually around once a week just because I don’t have a lot of time around work to use it every time I wash my hair.
Fizzbanger & Blackberry Bath Bomb £3.25/£3.35 ; I’m a first time buyer of both of these bath bombs, I will get back to you on them once I’ve used them!
After a long day of fun, we went for food @ TGI Friday’s which was amazing yummm, if you haven’t been before I definitely recommend it. The whole experience is just great, the atmosphere is so warm and friendly and the food is top notch. So we stuffed our faces and headed home to chill before another day back in work.
Writing about all this has made me realise how lucky I am to have Nathan in my life and I feel all soppy and lame, ew.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and spend it doing the things you enjoy!


Welcome to the world of colour!

Greetings my lil fairies!  ☼

I’ve been in my new job for just under two weeks now and I’m just about settled, I absolutely love it there. Everyone is so nice and the flowers and plants are all just so pretty and colourful!

My new job surrounds me with colour all day, everyday which has opened my eyes to how beautiful some colours are and guess what? My life is actually gaining some colour, other than the usual monochrome, grey and reds.

I got into work on Friday and spotted the cutest pastel coloured carnations and absolutely fell in love with them!!! The colours were sooo pretty I couldn’t leave them there, so I hid them in the back (shhhh!) and bought them when I finished work later that evening. I bought the three colours separately (pink, yellow & green) and came home and made myself a cute little bouquet for my bedroom. Just a small bouquet has brightened my room up so much, I love them!

Another burst of colour into my life is a beautiful jumpsuit I bought recently. I have a family wedding in July and yes, I know its early but I fell in love with it and couldn’t leave it in the shop. Nearer the time I’m hoping to do an outfit post with my completed outfit for the day. The problem is I know exactly what I want to go with it from my jacket and shoes right down to what accessories and lipstick shade I want. So now I probably wont be able to find any of them.
Jumpsuit: Quiz @ Debenhams £29.99
On payday I went for a wonder around my local town to see if anything would catch my eye and I found the most adorable make up bag. Perfect size for my make up and other essentials I like to carry around everyday. Where as my make up bag used to be plain and simple its now cute and colourful with a delightful lemon print.
Make up bag: Primark £3


So now you’ve seen how I have introduced some colour into my life, have you recently added some colour into your life? If so, how? Leave a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear!

First day

Hello my little pretties!

So remember in my last post I mentioned that I thought I had completely fluked an interview for a new job? It turns out that I actually did pretty well, because guess what? I GOT THE FREAKIN’ JOB!!!
I am now a florist which I’m stupidly excited about because I love love love all things creative! I can’t wait to be making pretty little bouquets and helping people choose the perfect flowers for every occasion.
BUT tomorrow is my first day and I have been so nervous!!! I have felt so sick all day and have cried at the smallest of things. I have been dreading waking up tomorrow morning because I know getting ready is going to be a nightmare!
I haven’t met the woman who is training me and have no clue what to do when I get there in the morning? There was so much going through my head and I didn’t know where to start.
Anyway, I got home from work and thought right girl! You need to pull you’re self together. Things are only going to get worse if I carried on stressing out the way I was earlier on today.
I decided I am going to relax the hell out. Pamper myself, have a nice bath and use some of my favourite lush products to help me along the way! Which I thought would be the perfect time to talk a little about my two recent favourites; 
1. ‘Twilight’ 

The lovely baby pink bath bomb has turned out to be one of my all time faves! The wonderful colours that come from it are beautiful. Although I usually hate the smell of lavender, I surprisingly loved it combined with the lovely ylang ylang oils in this bath bomb! 
I feel like a fairy princess laying in the lilac water, it’s so pretty. 
Lush say that this process is intended to ‘help your mind let go and embrace the night time. Twilight dissolves to create a growing sunset that gradually gets darker until you are finally left with the glimmer of stars.’ and it certainly does exactly this, it’s definitely what I needed to clear my mind. 
2. ‘Roots’ 
This little pot of miracle is my saviour! There has been so many times where I have said I’m going to grow my hair out and it gets to shoulder length and my head says ‘keep going!!!’ Where as my hearts like ‘nah’ and I have always ended cutting it all off again and regretting it moments later. 
Well this little beauty is helping my get past that icky stage of flicky shoulder length hair and into the relms of beautiful long mermaid hair! 
The scent it strong from the peppermint extract, and it feels ridiculously refreshing on your head! Although it instructs to massage your head for 20 minutes while it’s working its magic, realistically I massage it in for around 5-10 minutes and faf around doing other crap for the rest of the time! 
I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to grow their hair, I fell in love with it from the first time I used it! 
I left my bathroom feeling amazingly refreshed and ready to take on the world!
Anyway, I have to get some sleep for my early start tomorrow! I know it’s only been a small post but I have a few things left to prepare before I head off to bed. 
I have to say I’m definitely a lot more relaxed after my mini pamper session this evening. 
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Tuesday and have a lovely rest of the week. 
Goodnight my darlings

‘Tell Me About Yourself’ help

Hello lovelies,

Last week I went to a job interview for the ‘Flower Shop’ inside my local Morrisons store. I came out thinking I had completely flunked the interview, I am so bad at the whole ‘tell me about yourself’ stage of an interview and I just froze up, it was awful.

So I thought I’d make some pointers for future reference for myself and anyone else who is nervous of this question in an interview!

What to talk about;

Personal details; if asked at the beginning of the interview give a brief summary of your personal details like your name, age, current employee situation etc.

Education; talk about any qualifications you have, even if they’re just your GCSE’s (if you don’t have any move on to the next point).

Previous work experience; any previous work experience you have, especially if it may relate to the job you’re interviewing for.

What to do next;

Take time to prepare your answer
I don’t mean memorising an answer word-for-word; make a few pointers which will be easy to remember and expand on.

Talk through your pointers
Whether its to a friend, family member or even in front of the mirror. You want to practice talking through your prepared pointed freely. Remember to stay relaxed and do a lot of smiling! This will help you to come across confident when talking through your answer in the interview.

If you have anything that helped you prepare for the ‘tell me about yourself’ question feel free to share in the comments below!:)