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Let’s Talk about You | Interview Help

I’ve only ever been through just over a handful of interviews in my 7 years of employment. But the one question I have always seemed to struggle with, is the one where the interviewer asks ‘let’s talk about you’, or something along those lines. I’ve never really been one to talk about myself, let alone brag myself up and that’s always been an issue in my interviews.

So today we’re going to go over a few things to prepare before you go in to help it run a whole lot smoother.

The things you should talk about are;

  • Personal details – if asked at the beginning of the interview give a brief summary of your personal details like your name, age, current employee situation etc. I’ve been in a situation before where I have forgotten even just the basic things I should talk about, and it wasn’t the prettiest of interviews.
  • Education and/or Qualifications – Talk about any qualifications you have, even if they’re just your GCSE’s.
  • Previous experience – Any previous experience you have in the industry, whether that be volunteering, paid or even a hobby if it relates to the role you are interviewing for!

Always take time to prepare your answer. The day before make a few pointers which will be easy to remember and expand on these when speaking in the interview. Think of positive words or phrases which you could use.

Talk through your pointers. Whether its to a friend, family member or even in front of the mirror. You want to practice talking through your prepared points freely. Remember to stay relaxed and do a lot of smiling! This will help you to come across confident when talking through your answer in the interview.


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