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‘Tell Me About Yourself’ help

Hello lovelies,

Last week I went to a job interview for the ‘Flower Shop’ inside my local Morrisons store. I came out thinking I had completely flunked the interview, I am so bad at the whole ‘tell me about yourself’ stage of an interview and I just froze up, it was awful.

So I thought I’d make some pointers for future reference for myself and anyone else who is nervous of this question in an interview!

What to talk about;

Personal details; if asked at the beginning of the interview give a brief summary of your personal details like your name, age, current employee situation etc.

Education; talk about any qualifications you have, even if they’re just your GCSE’s (if you don’t have any move on to the next point).

Previous work experience; any previous work experience you have, especially if it may relate to the job you’re interviewing for.

What to do next;

Take time to prepare your answer
I don’t mean memorising an answer word-for-word; make a few pointers which will be easy to remember and expand on.

Talk through your pointers
Whether its to a friend, family member or even in front of the mirror. You want to practice talking through your prepared pointed freely. Remember to stay relaxed and do a lot of smiling! This will help you to come across confident when talking through your answer in the interview.

If you have anything that helped you prepare for the ‘tell me about yourself’ question feel free to share in the comments below!:)

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