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Welcome to the world of colour!

Welcome to the world of colour!

Greetings my lil fairies!  ☼

I’ve been in my new job for just under two weeks now and I’m just about settled, I absolutely love it there. Everyone is so nice and the flowers and plants are all just so pretty and colourful!

My new job surrounds me with colour all day, everyday which has opened my eyes to how beautiful some colours are and guess what? My life is actually gaining some colour, other than the usual monochrome, grey and reds.

I got into work on Friday and spotted the cutest pastel coloured carnations and absolutely fell in love with them!!! The colours were sooo pretty I couldn’t leave them there, so I hid them in the back (shhhh!) and bought them when I finished work later that evening. I bought the three colours separately (pink, yellow & green) and came home and made myself a cute little bouquet for my bedroom. Just a small bouquet has brightened my room up so much, I love them!

Another burst of colour into my life is a beautiful jumpsuit I bought recently. I have a family wedding in July and yes, I know its early but I fell in love with it and couldn’t leave it in the shop. Nearer the time I’m hoping to do an outfit post with my completed outfit for the day. The problem is I know exactly what I want to go with it from my jacket and shoes right down to what accessories and lipstick shade I want. So now I probably wont be able to find any of them.
Jumpsuit: Quiz @ Debenhams £29.99
On payday I went for a wonder around my local town to see if anything would catch my eye and I found the most adorable make up bag. Perfect size for my make up and other essentials I like to carry around everyday. Where as my make up bag used to be plain and simple its now cute and colourful with a delightful lemon print.
Make up bag: Primark £3


So now you’ve seen how I have introduced some colour into my life, have you recently added some colour into your life? If so, how? Leave a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear!

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