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Princess Day

Every now and again my better half decides to treat me for the day, which we call ‘Princess Day’ and I thought I’d share my latest Princess Day experience…

On Wednesday we both had a day off work, which is pretty rare seen as we both work full time and don’t have set rotas which means our days off change every week. So we both woke up early, ready to spend the day together and the first thing Nathan said to me was get ready I’m taking you out for the day. I had no idea where and he wouldn’t tell me, it was a surprise. So up I got and after many outfit changes (I am horrendous at deciding on outfits!) and a quick bowl of cereal we were on our way.

We got in the car, I still had no idea where we were going and Nathan was not giving in. We had a little sing-song along to my favourite band at the moment, Hozier. I am in love with their album and cannot resist turning the radio up and singing my heart out even though I cannot sing for the life of me!!

Around 35 minutes and a few wrong turns later we ended up in Chester Zoo!! I loooove the Zoo and automatically turned into a child as soon as I saw the signs. Once we got our tickets we wandered around a few animals, the elephants, giraffes, spider monkeys and took waaaay too many pictures as usual.


Anyway, my all time favourite animals are tigers they are so beautiful I just can’t explain how much I love them; and when I found out there were tiger cubs I felt like crying. But there wasn’t just 1 tiger cub, there were 3, YES THREE! Three gorgeous, playful little beauties. I didn’t want to leave them *sad face* I asked Nathan countless times if we could “pweeeease take one home” because they were just so cute! All I wanted to do was just  grab one and squeeze it they looked so cuddly, I just wanted to snuggle them forever. I must have stood in awe grinning at them for at least a good half hour.


Yes, I know my pictures are kinda crappy but I was way too busy drooling over how adorable they were. 





Anyway, after I had finished dreaming about bringing a tiger cub home with me we finished our trip around the zoo and ended up going shopping where I was treated to some lovely new clothes. Without sounding bratty but I’m not fond of people buying me things, I always feel bad and I’m very independent when it comes to things like that. I love to treat others, I’d much rather go out and buy Nathan treats rather than him buy me. Anyway, I gave in this time and he treated me to a few little bits. Although I know I said in my old post I was starting to introduce some colour into my wardrobe but on this little shopping trip it all went down hill. Looking through my bags when I got home all I’d bought was black,white and grey (apart from a few cheeky treats from Lush).

Another crappy quality photo, I know. I will get good at this one day, I promise. 
Topshop MOTO Grey Ripped Jamie Jeans £42 ; absolutely loved these from the moment I tried them on, they’re so comfy. I have needed new jeans for a while now and always despise buying black Topshop jeans purely because they fade to grey after pretty much the first wash. I’m hoping this wont happen with these.
White Ribbed Crop Top & Black & White Ribbed Crop £3 each ; I’ve been looking for some basic tops for summer and found these beauties at a steal of just £3 each, both from Primark. I’d advise you get a couple of sizes larger if you don’t want them to be skin tight. I got both in size 14 although I’m usually a size because I don’t like skin tight tops especially in summer when its warm.
White Boxy Jumper with Lace Detail £5 ; so whilst I was rummaging around in Primark I found this super cute jumper with the lace detail on the shoulders, I couldn’t leave it there as it was half price. It’s super light and airy with 3/4 length arms. Perfect for the warmer days of spring or with a jacket for the colder days.
Grey & White Lace Detail Crop £8 ; this was yet again another thing I couldn’t leave in Primark. It can easily be dressed up for a meal/night out or dressed down for a casual day look. I love the detail in the pattern.
Roots £10.25 ; I’ve already left a little review on this product in an older post First Day I use it around 3/4 times a month, usually around once a week just because I don’t have a lot of time around work to use it every time I wash my hair.
Fizzbanger & Blackberry Bath Bomb £3.25/£3.35 ; I’m a first time buyer of both of these bath bombs, I will get back to you on them once I’ve used them!
After a long day of fun, we went for food @ TGI Friday’s which was amazing yummm, if you haven’t been before I definitely recommend it. The whole experience is just great, the atmosphere is so warm and friendly and the food is top notch. So we stuffed our faces and headed home to chill before another day back in work.
Writing about all this has made me realise how lucky I am to have Nathan in my life and I feel all soppy and lame, ew.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and spend it doing the things you enjoy!


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