Money Management Nightmares? Here’s 4 Tips to Defeat Them

It was payday only a week ago and … I’m skint already. Yes, my money management is appalling, I know. But switching jobs also means having to wait longer between paydays; in my old job I got paid fortnightly, now its monthly and I’m struggling to get used to it.

I used to love getting paid and going out and treating Nathan and I because who cares? I get paid again in two weeks. But now I’m learning that when getting paid monthly, that isn’t a good idea. So I’ve been researching and here are my few favourite tips I’ve found along the way;
Budget planning – Okay, so I know it may be a pretty boring thing to do but its the first steps. When you get paid sit down and work out how much you have to spend on bills and must-haves so you know what you have left for extras, to treat yourself or any loved ones etc.
Figure out what you want from what you need – Do you really need that new pair of killer heels or do you need that £30 for petrol more?
Track your spending – So now you’ve got your money aside for bills and other necessities, keep an eye on what your spending. I find this easier by instead of paying on card for that £5.99 lippy, draw the money out so it comes out of you bank there and then. So when you check your online banking later that night, or the next day you know that money’s gone, where as if you pay on card it may take 2-3 days to actually take the money out of your account.
Save, save, save – So hopefully you’ve managed your money well this month… It’s the day before payday and oh, look you still have £30 left in your account. Open a savings account and transfer that leftover cash to keep for that killer pair of heels you wants a few weeks ago.
Do you have any money management tips to share?

April Favourites

Okay, so I know its not quite the end of the month yet but I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because I have been busy with my job and I woke up this morning and decided that I fancy sharing some of this months random favourites with you!

I know I’ve never done a favourites post before but I’ve wanted to try it for a while and I thought hey why not? Monthly favourites don’t have to be posted at the beginning/end of the month why not post one right in the middle??? So that’s what I’m doing.

Movie of the Month: Big Hero 6! Okay, I have been a bit late watching this movie, I only watched it yesterday (or maybe it was the day before) but oh my god. I love it, I want to watch it again. It’s such a great movie and the end made me weep 😦

TV Series of the Month: Once Upon A Time. So a friend reccomended this to me not long ago and I thought, hmm its about fairytales and disney maybe I will watch it when Nathan is in work. So one morning I woke up, place to myself and thought ‘this is a great time to watch and episode or two before I get ready’. I was wrong, I watched about 6 episodes back-to-back, Nathan came home from work and I told him about it and he demanded I start again because he wanted to watch it. That was 2 maybe 3 weeks ago and were already on season 3 (baring in mind each episode is an hour long and there are 22/23 episodes in each season). But any of you disney lovers HAVE to watch this if you haven’t already, its amazing. It’s on netflix, they’re  just airing season 4 as we speak, watch it and you will thank me!

Disney Princess of the Month: (other than Ariel) Snow White. Just simply because of Once Upon A Time, those of you who watch it/have watched it will understand why.

Flower of the Month: Tulips. Yesterday I went for food with one of my lovely friends from school, and bought her some of my recent faves, red/yellow tulips, the petals look like tiny flames and they are pretty and fierce at the same time.

Plant of the Month: Mini Rose. I have been eyeing them up in work for aaaaages, but recently I bought a red one, they are soooo pretty especially when the flowers bloom, I am in love with mine, it is my baby.

Hairstyle of the Month: Side Braid Pony. Okay so I found this beauty of a hair-do from Lydia Rose, I love her blog, follow her on instagram, twitter etc and she posted this tutorial on how to do her Side Braid Pony and although my hair is quite a bit shorter than hers I fell in love. I have a wedding in July and want to perfect it for then.

Clothing Item of the Month: Probably my new jacket from boohoo, the Boutique Daisy Waterfall 
Leather Look Jacket its lightweight for SS15 and I love the waterfall detail on it.

Perfume of the Month: Daisy Dreams, Marc Jacobs. Its smells so pretty, mmmmmmmm.

Hate of the Month: My Bodyclock, because of my not so new job, I am up everyday without fail at stupid o’clock in the morning and cannot stay up past 10pm, I miss late nights and lie-ins on my days off 😦

What are you favourites this month? Write them in the comments, or link me to your monthly favourites, I’d love to check them out!



My Boohoo Basket

Happy April my little pretties! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and have eaten your weight in chocolate!

It’s the start of a new month, which means its payday soon and I am dying to give my winter wardrobe a make-over. I need more summer-y clothes so it’s only right for me to cheekily fill up my boohoo basket ready for payday, right?
Boohoo is one of my favourite online stores, its affordable and the clothes they have are super cute. So I thought I’d make a quick post about the outcome;
Working through my pictures clockwise, starting with the main picture;
Madge Cameo Lace Chambray Playsuit £25 – This is one of the more expsensive pieces in my bag but it’s beautiful! I fell in love with the lace detail in this piece and think its going to be super cute for casual wear with a white boyfriend style jacket/blazer.
Casey Strappy Detail Skater Dress £18 – I am forever falling in love with dresses/top’s with quirky strappy details; hence why this is in my basket. It’s nice and simple which means it could be dressed down for casual day-wear or dressed up for a night out or nice meal.
Sally Daisy Trim Printed Cami Playsuit £15 – I love love love the daisy detail on the trim of this playsuit its soooo cute. As it says in its description its ‘perfect for day or play’, uhhh I just love it so much I want it now.
April Waterfall Fluid Jacket £20 – I think waterfall jackets are slowly becoming one of my new favourite things, I just love the slouchy look of them and I’m in need of a new, light jacket for summer as all of mine have now evolved into winter coats to keep out the chill.
Caroline Lace Trim Fleck Linen Shirt £12 – I really like the lace trim detail on this, as you know I’m one for plain and simple and something like the detail on this t-shirt takes me away from that which is what I’m trying to do this summer.
So there, that’s my boohoo basket for this payday. Do you have anything in your boohoo basket, or any other online shops that you love? I’d enjoy hearing about them, feel free to share in a comment 🙂