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April Favourites

Okay, so I know its not quite the end of the month yet but I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because I have been busy with my job and I woke up this morning and decided that I fancy sharing some of this months random favourites with you!

I know I’ve never done a favourites post before but I’ve wanted to try it for a while and I thought hey why not? Monthly favourites don’t have to be posted at the beginning/end of the month why not post one right in the middle??? So that’s what I’m doing.

Movie of the Month: Big Hero 6! Okay, I have been a bit late watching this movie, I only watched it yesterday (or maybe it was the day before) but oh my god. I love it, I want to watch it again. It’s such a great movie and the end made me weep 🙁

TV Series of the Month: Once Upon A Time. So a friend reccomended this to me not long ago and I thought, hmm its about fairytales and disney maybe I will watch it when Nathan is in work. So one morning I woke up, place to myself and thought ‘this is a great time to watch and episode or two before I get ready’. I was wrong, I watched about 6 episodes back-to-back, Nathan came home from work and I told him about it and he demanded I start again because he wanted to watch it. That was 2 maybe 3 weeks ago and were already on season 3 (baring in mind each episode is an hour long and there are 22/23 episodes in each season). But any of you disney lovers HAVE to watch this if you haven’t already, its amazing. It’s on netflix, they’re  just airing season 4 as we speak, watch it and you will thank me!

Disney Princess of the Month: (other than Ariel) Snow White. Just simply because of Once Upon A Time, those of you who watch it/have watched it will understand why.

Flower of the Month: Tulips. Yesterday I went for food with one of my lovely friends from school, and bought her some of my recent faves, red/yellow tulips, the petals look like tiny flames and they are pretty and fierce at the same time.

Plant of the Month: Mini Rose. I have been eyeing them up in work for aaaaages, but recently I bought a red one, they are soooo pretty especially when the flowers bloom, I am in love with mine, it is my baby.

Hairstyle of the Month: Side Braid Pony. Okay so I found this beauty of a hair-do from Lydia Rose, I love her blog, follow her on instagram, twitter etc and she posted this tutorial on how to do her Side Braid Pony and although my hair is quite a bit shorter than hers I fell in love. I have a wedding in July and want to perfect it for then.

Clothing Item of the Month: Probably my new jacket from boohoo, the Boutique Daisy Waterfall 
Leather Look Jacket its lightweight for SS15 and I love the waterfall detail on it.

Perfume of the Month: Daisy Dreams, Marc Jacobs. Its smells so pretty, mmmmmmmm.

Hate of the Month: My Bodyclock, because of my not so new job, I am up everyday without fail at stupid o’clock in the morning and cannot stay up past 10pm, I miss late nights and lie-ins on my days off 🙁

What are you favourites this month? Write them in the comments, or link me to your monthly favourites, I’d love to check them out!




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