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Money Management Nightmares? Here’s 4 Tips to Defeat Them

It was payday only a week ago and … I’m skint already. Yes, my money management is appalling, I know. But switching jobs also means having to wait longer between paydays; in my old job I got paid fortnightly, now its monthly and I’m struggling to get used to it.

I used to love getting paid and going out and treating Nathan and I because who cares? I get paid again in two weeks. But now I’m learning that when getting paid monthly, that isn’t a good idea. So I’ve been researching and here are my few favourite tips I’ve found along the way;
Budget planning – Okay, so I know it may be a pretty boring thing to do but its the first steps. When you get paid sit down and work out how much you have to spend on bills and must-haves so you know what you have left for extras, to treat yourself or any loved ones etc.
Figure out what you want from what you need – Do you really need that new pair of killer heels or do you need that £30 for petrol more?
Track your spending – So now you’ve got your money aside for bills and other necessities, keep an eye on what your spending. I find this easier by instead of paying on card for that £5.99 lippy, draw the money out so it comes out of you bank there and then. So when you check your online banking later that night, or the next day you know that money’s gone, where as if you pay on card it may take 2-3 days to actually take the money out of your account.
Save, save, save – So hopefully you’ve managed your money well this month… It’s the day before payday and oh, look you still have £30 left in your account. Open a savings account and transfer that leftover cash to keep for that killer pair of heels you wants a few weeks ago.
Do you have any money management tips to share?

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