May Favourites!

Hello you little beauties!

So, as were almost at the end of May I thought I’d do a small and sweet May favourites post…

Movie of the Month: Into the Woods! I’ve only just seen this, I’d heard people raving about it and who doesn’t love a cheeky musical? DISNEY RELATED! So I thought ‘hmmmm, I better give this a try’ and guess what? I love it!

TV Series of the Month: Homeland. So this series is the compete opposite to last months TSOTM. It’s an American thriller, on Netflix. It’s full of action and surprises and although I finished it months ago, I miss it rather a lot!

Flower of the Month: Germini, we’ve had some looovely bright summery colours in work lately and I am in love. 
Plant of the Month: Aster. This pretty little outdoor plant buds cute little daisy-like flowers in all different colours, I definitely want one in my garden (when I have my own)! 
Hairstyle of the Month: The simple little half up-do, with a plaited bun. My hairs at an awkward stage where if I do a normal everyday bun I get bits sticking out all over the place because some of my layers (even though they are ‘long layers’) are slightly too short. I seen this little trick online somewhere, but I can’t remember where. Pinterest I think! 

Restaurant of the Month: TGI Fridaysssss! Scrumptious food, the best chicken wings I have ever tasted, a great atmosphere, lovely staff! What more can you wish for?

Clothing Item of the Month: My Jessica Box Pleat Skater Skirt from boohoo in black. It’s such a cute little necessity for the summer season, at only £6! You can’t really go wrong; can you?

Hate of the Month: Chipped nail varnish! Every time I paint my nails lately they seem to chip within hours! Can anyone recommend a salon quality varnish that I can use at home?

What are your favourites this month? 

Flying the Nest

Okay, so hi, hello, how are you all? I hope you’re all smiling little fairies!

Oh my, it’s MAY? I know right, 5 months into the year already! Next month we will be half way through the year and I feel like yesterday it was February and I was loving life in London with my better half. It’s ridiculous how quick time goes.

Anyway, if any of you read my ‘2015 goals’ post from the beginning of the year you’d know that I definitely want to be moved out by the end of this year (or the beginning of next year at the verrry latest).

AND GUESS WHAT? Nathan and I have actually started looking at flats to rent around our hometown!!! Although we know we can’t afford to move out tomorrow, or next week we’ve actually started looking which is a start.

What I’ve come to realise is it may not be the place of your dreams but it will be home aaand if you want to make it into the place of your dreams or somewhere similar its going to take a lot of time and effort (and possibly £££ depending on what the place of your dreams is like)!

Pintrest has slowly become my new favourite app, I looove nosing through all of the home décor inspiration photos and DIY tips. (I’m new to pintrest, so help me here) I love minimalistic décor, a lot of white with a few splashes of colour sort of thing. I reeeally like vintage furniture so I’m going to spend a lot of time in charity shops searching for treasures that I can spruce up to my own taste.

Just looking on pintrest makes me all excited to decorate our own little home and get all creative with a paint tin.
Anyhow, we are now almost definite on what area we want to live in and know how much we need to save before we can move out, for a deposit etc. We have pretty much all our furniture sorted (eeeee!) and our families have been very supportive and have agreed to help us all they can with making the move. AND IT ACTUALLY FINALLY ALL SEEMS REAL! Like its actually going to happen, we’re going to move out and have our own little place we can call home, and can think about our future together.

Are you thinking of moving out? Or already made the move? Tell me about your experiences!
Or tell me your pintrest username and we can share décor inspo?


Through the Looking Glass

Hello my little lovelies!

Today’s post is a little different, its about my glasses! Yes, I wear glasses. Only occasionally because I usually wear contact lenses, but for those lazy days where there’s no point in me wasting a pair of contacts I have the perfect wonderland for all of your glasses needs!

That place is Glasses Shop, I found out about this online shop first from fashion blogger also named Kayla and I have sworn by it since. Everything is definitely value for money because you can get fashionable frames for half the price of your opticians!

They don’t only just do prescription lenses, you can also buy pairs without prescription lenses just for fashion.

Although they are an American site, they do ship worldwide but obviously you do have to pay a little more for shipping and wait a little longer for them to come, but its all worth it! They do all different lenses, from coloured tint lenses to bifocal to sunglasses! I have bought two pairs of glasses from them, both in a similar style but they do lots of other styles also.

I would definitely recommend them (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this post!) I have been more than happy with both pairs I have purchased from them, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Have you ever used Glasses Shop before? What do you think of them?


The Perfect Princess Paradise

I woke up this morning thinking holy crap, it’s May already. We’re 5 months into 2015, and I still remember partying in the new year like it was yesterday and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone…

Anyway it’s getting to that time where I’ve been so busy working and running around in between trying to see family and friends that I have completely neglected my room. I hate being in there because it’s sooo messy, looks so sad and I just haven’t had the time to tidy it or give it a good clean so I think it’s time for a little make over and hopefully make my room smile again. 

 So here are a few of the things that I use/do/have to make my room into the Perfect Princess Paradise again; 

(yes I took that picture it is mine, IM FINALLY GETTING BETTER AT THIS! even if it is only a little better) 

Light colours! I made the mistake a few years ago of painting one wall in my room in my dads house black. Although all the other walls were white it made my room look dark and dingy so now, since I mainly live with my mum because of work work I made sure I didn’t make that mistake again, now all my walls are an off white colour and it makes such a difference! 
Flowers, flowers and maybe a few plants. Okay, so if you’re a busy girl maybe it’s not a good idea to get anything that takes a lot of looking after, you could even get fake flowers although you don’t get the lovely scents they will still brighten your room up and give a little burst of colour of your rooms like mine, pretty monochrome.
With it being summer a lot of supermarkets and shops like to do a little garden centre type sections with a range of house plants, the majority of them are pretty easy to look after, even if you have no idea about plants they usually come with ‘directions to look after’ sections on the packaging. My recent favourite is my mini-rose plant it’s absolutely beautiful and I never want it to die 😦 it’s like my second pet! 
Fairy lights and lamps. I hate using the main light in my bedroom, I’d much rather light from a lamp or fairy lights (or both!) A lamp is perfect for your bedside cabinet, especially if you’re like me and want a light on to doodle or write before you go to sleep but you know for sure that once you’re ready to go to sleep you’re too lazy get out of bed to turn the light off so you can just reach over an knock the lamp off instead. 
I love having fairy lights dotted around my room, it makes me feel like a princess. 
Candles!!! Yankee candles, nice smelling candles, cute little tea lights in your favourite candle holder! I love love love candles, you can never have enough candles (okay maybe you can but you know what I mean). My all time favourite Yankee Candle is Cherry Vanilla but I’ve told myself once this one runs out I will step out of my comfort zone and try a new one! 
You can buy bags of tea lights from pretty much any supermarket for a couple of pounds and they’re nice just dotted around your room (obviously in safe places) even if it don’t have candle holders for the time being. 
Do you have any tips that help your room feel like the Perfect Princess Paradise?