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Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest

Okay, so hi, hello, how are you all? I hope you’re all smiling little fairies!

Oh my, it’s MAY? I know right, 5 months into the year already! Next month we will be half way through the year and I feel like yesterday it was February and I was loving life in London with my better half. It’s ridiculous how quick time goes.

Anyway, if any of you read my ‘2015 goals’ post from the beginning of the year you’d know that I definitely want to be moved out by the end of this year (or the beginning of next year at the verrry latest).

AND GUESS WHAT? Nathan and I have actually started looking at flats to rent around our hometown!!! Although we know we can’t afford to move out tomorrow, or next week we’ve actually started looking which is a start.

What I’ve come to realise is it may not be the place of your dreams but it will be home aaand if you want to make it into the place of your dreams or somewhere similar its going to take a lot of time and effort (and possibly £££ depending on what the place of your dreams is like)!

Pintrest has slowly become my new favourite app, I looove nosing through all of the home décor inspiration photos and DIY tips. (I’m new to pintrest, so help me here) I love minimalistic décor, a lot of white with a few splashes of colour sort of thing. I reeeally like vintage furniture so I’m going to spend a lot of time in charity shops searching for treasures that I can spruce up to my own taste.

Just looking on pintrest makes me all excited to decorate our own little home and get all creative with a paint tin.
Anyhow, we are now almost definite on what area we want to live in and know how much we need to save before we can move out, for a deposit etc. We have pretty much all our furniture sorted (eeeee!) and our families have been very supportive and have agreed to help us all they can with making the move. AND IT ACTUALLY FINALLY ALL SEEMS REAL! Like its actually going to happen, we’re going to move out and have our own little place we can call home, and can think about our future together.

Are you thinking of moving out? Or already made the move? Tell me about your experiences!
Or tell me your pintrest username and we can share décor inspo?


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