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Watch Heaven

Watch Heaven

Hello my beauties!

Watch Heaven? What the hell is all that about? Well guess what, I have just stumbled across the most adorable watch brand? maker? designer? whatever you call it, EVER!!!
So, I’ve wanted a watch for a loooong time now but I have teenie tiny wrists and always thought it would look stupid. That is until I saw Mia Layla’s beeeautiful post on Daniel Wellington watches on her Instagram. I thought to myself ‘Hey! She has teenie tiny wrists and her watch doesn’t look stupid’ so ever since I have been watch searching for the perfect one.
At first I didn’t really know what a wanted, something simple I guess? Leather strap, simple face y’know. So I searched on the Daniel Wellington website and nothing really caught my eye and I left it there for a while.
Until this morning, where I’ve been laying in bed on my first day off in 9 days and had a little nosey through my ASOS app and that is where I found this beauty of a watch.


I did a little ASOS search for Olivia Burton watches and HOLY CRAP she has the most beautiful range of vintage floral watches!!!
And that my friends is where I fell in love. You should definitely go and check them out. The watches are affordable and super adorable. Near enough all the watches in this collection are around £65-75. I’m definitely adding one to my birthday wishlist post that I am working on (which I hope to be up very soon). Well, that’s when I decide which one is my favourite! 
What is your favourite watch brand? Or favourite Olivia Burton watch? 



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