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Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Guess what’s just around the corner???

My Birthday!
Well, to be honest I don’t know whether to be happy or cry that it’s going to be the end of my teens *sad face*. Yes, you got it I’m going to be 20! I feel like I’m supposed to be all grown up and know exactly what career I want. What I’m going to name my kids, where I’m going to live, but no. But who cares? Live life, enjoy yourself and do exactly what makes you happy.
With it being close to my birthday and the fact there’s been a lack of posts on my blog lately (I do apologise, I’ve been majorly busy on work) I thought I’d do a short and sweet birthday wishlist, because who doesn’t love a good wishlist? 

First up on my wishlist is an Olivia Burton watch as you would have seen in my last post Watch Heaven. I have fell in love hook line and sinker with her vintage floral watches. Ahh, they’re just so beautiful!!! and I think I finally may have found the one I want *eeeeeeee*. The Winter Garden Mirror Floral and Rose Golden for £65.

I have a few clothing items on my wishlist (obviously who doesn’t love clothes???) from brands such as Topshop & ASOS.

Going from left to right;

First is a pair of high waisted trousers, which I actually may have bought yesterday because I am totally in love with them. They’re stylish, great for this season AND super comfy so its a win, win situation really. These D-Ring Tapered Trousers are from Topshop and cost £40. I was soooo happy when I popped into my local Topshop and found them on sale I couldn’t leave them on the rail! They come in either Navy or a Cream/Nude colour and I purchased the Navy because I never have been good with light coloured trousers I am way to clumsy/messy and end up ruining them after one wear.

Next is an Oversized Longline Blouse from ASOS for £30 in white. This would be a perfect staple piece for this season, it’s light airy and perfect for summer. It could be worn with jeans, a skater skirt, leggings; pretty much anything.
After this is another piece from ASOS, a Camel Coat with Waterfall Front for £85. This is one of the more expensive pieces on my wishlist but if you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with waterfall jackets lately. 
Last but definitely not least are a pair of RUPA Ghillie Sandals from Topshop for £50 which I fell in love with when browsing through my Topshop app a week or so ago, they’re beautiful! I love the lace up front and how simply designed they are.
I have ALWAYS wanted a mounted butterfly frame or two for my room but when I found this butterfly dome from a little etsy shop called The House of Butterflies I couldn’t help but fall in love. Its such a creative way to use taxidermy and they’re all just so beautiful. Below is an example of one, they have many more on their etsy shop and if you’re interested in things like that I suggest you should definitely take a look!
The last thing on my wishlist is this super cute I Solemnly Swear notebook from Sighh Designs. If you don’t already know, I love all things Harry Potter and this is just perfect!!! At £9.50 I think it’s a perfectly reasonable price and Polly’s designs are so quirky and cute! 


Is it your birthday soon? Even if it’s months away, what would you put on your birthday wishlist? 

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