Turning ‘Twenteen’

Hi my little lovelies, I hope you’re all doing well.

Okay so it’s my birthday the end of this week and I’m going to be 20, yes that’s right; TWENTY.

It sounds so mature. No longer a teenager, no more teenage antics. I feel like there should be no more lazing around all day in my PJ’s watching endless amounts of Netflix with heaps of junk food. No more building forts with bedsheets. No more dancing around in my underwear to Disney songs.
Well, that’s how I used to feel when I thought about turning twenty. But then during a bloggers chat on Twitter the other night with the wonderful Maisie from Thoroughly Modern Maisie. She introduced me to turning ‘Twenteen’ instead of 20. Which I thought was a pretty cool idea.
Who am I kidding? I friggin’ love that idea. It makes turning 20 less daunting. It means I can still have teenage antics and even if it isn’t mature to dance around to Disney songs in my underwear who cares? I’m still gonna do it! Cause I love it.
I feel like Peter Pan, I don’t ever wanna ‘grow up’ completely and I’m absolutely fine with that.
Anyway this is kinda a rambly-rant kind of post about the fact that I don’t want to have to be mature aaaaall of the time. I’m still gonna have days off where I watch endless amounts of Netflix and make forts out of bedsheets.
Have you recently turned 20? or is it nearly your time to turn? How do you feel?
I’d love to hear! Leave me your opinions in a comment ūüôā

Week off Wonders

Happy Monday! So my week off work is now over and I’m off back to work today.

I just thought I’d do a short post of my week off in pictures.
First are a few from my beautiful nieces Christening.
Nathan and I’s day out to Liverpool.
 And last but not least, my cousins amazing wedding day.

Faultless Floral

So remember that wedding I spoke about a few times in different posts? Well it finally happened!
Friday morning my house was hectic, trying to get myself ready as well as my little brother was a nightmare.
But it was all worth it, and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity for me to write my very first full outfit post! From head to toe, I will be talking you through every decision that concluded in me wearing this outfit.

I bought the jumpsuit months ago, I eyed it up one day in the Quiz section when I was¬†walking through Debenhams and knew that was what I wanted to wear for this occasion. So I bought it there and then because knowing my luck if I’d have left it, it would have disappeared and I wouldn’t have been able to find anything else as nice.

As soon as I bought the jumpsuit I knew exactly what I wanted to wear with it. I had an image in my head and that’s where the hard part came in. Finding the pieces to complete this image.

First I went on a hunt for shoes (and probably should have got a bag at the same time). I knew what colour I wanted; mint green. I, well, Nathan found the perfect shoes in New Look. They were the perfect colour, and rather comfy as well. Comfort was a big factor as I knew I was going to be wearing them all day. So bought them for around £20.

Next was the hunt for a bag. I found the perfect one online, from ASOS.¬†It was the right colour and the exact design/style I wanted, just a reasonably sized, plain clutch bag. But I¬†did the worst thing I could’ve done and thought “I’ll buy that next payday” and guess what? It wasn’t there next payday. I¬†kept telling myself¬†it was going to be fine, mint green’s quite a popular summer colour. BUT NO, I couldn’t find one ANYWHERE. All the ones I found were either too big, too dark or had too much detail. I was having a nightmare.

Whilst this frantic bag search was commencing I was also hunting high and low for a blazer and all the ones I had seen were fitted and just a regular, hip length but I wanted a long-line, loose fitted one and I thought I was going to have to pay ridiculous amounts to get what I wanted but out of luck I found the perfect long-line off-white blazer from Primark for the bargain price of £10 in the sale. I was over the moon!

In¬†the end¬†I ended up ordering¬†a bag¬†off eBay on Monday which is pretty late considering it was only 5 days until the wedding itself. Unfortunately it wasn’t the exact colour I wanted but I had no other choice at this point, I needed¬†a bag.

Anyway, on Wednesday Nathan and I decided to go for a wonder around one of the local retail parks and I’m so happy we did! THANK THE LORD FOR DOROTHY PERKINS! I walked through the store and I spotted the perfect clutch bag down the back of the store. In my head it was like walking up the stairway to heaven with this bag at the end. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy that I went into Dorothy Perkins before in¬†my life. It was fate. This bag was the perfect colour, perfect size, nice and plain. At a bargain of ¬£10 it was amazing, and less than half the price I paid for the one off eBay.

So that was my outfit complete. I was so happy; I had everything I needed to complete the image I had in my head those few months before AND I felt amazing! My body confidence was on a high, I had such an amazing time and everyone looked beautiful!



ASOS Top Picks

Hi, hello, how’re you all doing my little pixies?
We’re now officially past the half way mark of 2015! How crazy is that?! It’s flyyyyying by.

Instead of doing the usual ‘monthly favourites’ post I thought I’d switch it up and do my ASOS top picks instead! The past few weeks I’ve been flicking through my ASOS app, pinning bits and bobs to my Pinterest, creating birthday wishlists, or being just generally bored in my breaks in work or while Nathan’s playing Xbox. But my ASOS app is always there! Always active on my phone wherever I go, it’s slowly turning into my most-used fashion/shopping app because it has the majority of my favourite brands on there.

Recently I decided to concentrate on just ASOS’ own brand, I’ve had a little nosey on what they do and I love it! They have some super cute stuff and cater for all sizes; they have a petite section aswell as tall & plus sized items which they call ‘ASOS Curve’.
Anyway, I thought I’d pick out my favourites to share with you guys!
Going from left to right; firstly we have the Premium Bonded Prom Skirt in Floral Print (¬£75), which is my personal favourite out of them all I absolutely love it, it’s super cute! I’ve wanted a midi length A Line skirt for soooo long now and I think I may have found the perfect one!
Next is a pair of Denim Lightwash Full Length Dungaree (£45), these look really comfy and chilled, perfect for summer.
My top pick in shoes are the¬†LUMBA Pointed Two Part Ballets (¬£22) I seen a cute pair similar to these in my local Tesco store and really wanted them but they were lilac and I couldn’t really imagine them to go with a lot of the clothes I have but these nude/baby pink ones are perfect.
Last but not least the¬†Oversized Longline Blouse (¬£30) which was featured in my Birthday Wishlist post. It’s lightweight and airy, perfect for summer.
What are your fashion top picks this month? I’d love to hear all about them!


Very Velvet!

So, those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I recently ordered from Boutique of Molly  for the first time!

Since I received my Pink Parcel I have been stupidly excited to show you all what I’ve ordered; which is the Darcy Lace Swing Top*! A beautiful midnight blue velvet crop with lace detail.
I was super happy when I saw that it has adjustable straps because with spaghetti strap tops I always end up with them hanging too low around the chest.


I’ve worn my BOM crop twice already, in two different outfits. Firstly with Jessica Box Pleat Skater Skirt and a simple pair of black dolly shoes from Primark; which I could have easily swapped over for a pair of killer heels for a night out.
Secondly with my Topshop MOTO Grey Ripped Jamie Jeans, my Boutique Daisy Waterfall Leather Look Jacket from Boohoo and my trusty converse!

Overall I’m really happy with my order from BOM, the¬†quality of their clothes are great, they have such a friendly team their AND super-quick shipping! If you haven’t already, I’d definitely recommend ordering from them!

*I paid for the product with a discount offered to me, all views and opinions are my own