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Turning ‘Twenteen’

Hi my little lovelies, I hope you’re all doing well.

Okay so it’s my birthday the end of this week and I’m going to be 20, yes that’s right; TWENTY.

It sounds so mature. No longer a teenager, no more teenage antics. I feel like there should be no more lazing around all day in my PJ’s watching endless amounts of Netflix with heaps of junk food. No more building forts with bedsheets. No more dancing around in my underwear to Disney songs.
Well, that’s how I used to feel when I thought about turning twenty. But then during a bloggers chat on Twitter the other night with the wonderful Maisie from Thoroughly Modern Maisie. She introduced me to turning ‘Twenteen’ instead of 20. Which I thought was a pretty cool idea.
Who am I kidding? I friggin’ love that idea. It makes turning 20 less daunting. It means I can still have teenage antics and even if it isn’t mature to dance around to Disney songs in my underwear who cares? I’m still gonna do it! Cause I love it.
I feel like Peter Pan, I don’t ever wanna ‘grow up’ completely and I’m absolutely fine with that.
Anyway this is kinda a rambly-rant kind of post about the fact that I don’t want to have to be mature aaaaall of the time. I’m still gonna have days off where I watch endless amounts of Netflix and make forts out of bedsheets.
Have you recently turned 20? or is it nearly your time to turn? How do you feel?
I’d love to hear! Leave me your opinions in a comment 🙂

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