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Birthday Gifts

So, last week I posted about turning ‘Twenteen’, and Friday it happened.

Nathan and I shared a wonderful birthday weekend amoungst our family and friends. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the fact that our birthdays are one after another. Nathan turned 22 on the Thursday, I turned 20 on the Friday so we both took a long weekend off work to celebrate.
We had a day of shopping on Nathan’s birthday followed by a fun night of drinks and laughter with friends on the Thursday evening. On the Friday, we spent time with family before a well needed cosy night in that evening. On the Saturday evening we let our family’s meet properly at a joint family meal at a local pub/restaurant and all went well.
I thought I’d share a little post with you all of all the amazing, thoughtful gifts I had from my family, and his. This post is in no way me trying to ‘brag’ I just wanted to share how grateful and thankful I am to have such wonderful people around me at this time of my life.


Nathan knew how much I wanted a watch, he’s sat and listened to endless earache of me telling him how amazing and beautiful Olivia Burton watches are and picked the most amazing one of all! I can’t bare to take it off!
He also knows how much I need to get back into running/jogging because my exercise levels have hit rock bottom lately, I have no motivation for fitness yet I sit around moaning how disgusting my body’s getting lately. So he did the amazing thing of getting me the best running shoes he could find, in this beautiful blue/turquoise combination to help me get motivated again!
We’ve decided that we’re going to get him a pair of running shoes and start going together which I thinks going to be super fun and I can’t wait!

Next up is my Mum! The striped piece of clothing is the play suit I seen in Liverpool at the beginning of July which features in my ‘Week off Wonders’ post and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the post which has the caption ‘regret not buying this now aaaah’. Well my mum went and bought it!!! eeeee!

Secondly, she knows how obsessed I am with butterflies, and did the thoughtful thing of buying me a matching set of butterfly earrings, and a ring from Pandora which I am soooo grateful for.
My Step-Mum and Dad bought me bits and bobs for my room which I think are suuuuper cute!!! I especially love the cushion which says ‘Pretty Please (with a cherry on top)’ I think it’s quirky and will look lovely in my room. I can’t wait to put some pictures in the frames and get them up!


Nathan’s family bought me an adult colouring book which I am soooo excited to use! I especially went out and bought some new colouring pencils the other day, I can’t wait to get stuck in! Along with a cute little Ariel mug & ‘Ariels Book of Secrets’! and last but certainly not least, HARRY POTTER SOCKS!
For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with Disney, especially Ariel! and I have loved Harry Potter for as long as I can remember (I think that may have something to do with the fact that I have the same birthday as Harry Potter, and ofcourse the wonderful J.K. Rowling)!


Nathan’s mum also went to the great efforts of getting me Disney Princess cake for the family meal we held on the Saturday! How amazing is it??? (Please excuse the crappy picture, it’s the only one I managed to get!)
The last thing I’m going to share with you, is my most important birthday gift, from my wonderful dad. Lately, I have started learning to drive (again), and this time I am determined to kick its ass and pass my test.


So my dad being the most amazing man that he is, went and bought me a friggin CAR!!!! I can’t say thank you enough to him, he’s just the absolute best!

Overall I’ve definitely been spoilt this year, and I’m so grateful for all of it, I had a loooovely birthday weekend and now I’m sad its over! *sad face*


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