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2015 Goals *Update*




At the beginning of the year (and my blog!) which seems like it was just yesterday; I wrote a post all about my goals for this year and I thought it may be nice to update you all on how these are going!

So here goes;

Find a new job! Crossed off the list, yaaaay! I got a new job in March this year as most of you may, or may not know I am no longer a Subway employee! *sighs of relief* I’m now a florist and I love it, but I’m also excited at the new challenges I may be facing in the near future.

I NEED A HOLIDAY! Okay, so you could say this has been crossed off but also not. In February Nathan and I travelled to London for a few days away. Whilst some of you may not see it as a holiday, because it wasn’t abroad, it was still a well needed break!

Lose weight and tone up. *still in motion* Nathan and I have started running as often as we can, evenings days off etc. I also re-downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for help with how much I consume daily. As well as an app I (well Nathan) recently came across called Freeletics which is AMAZING, it has looooads of free work outs with video’s and also like a timeline where you can follow others and spur each other on via status’, pictures etc. This has helped a lot.

Move out. This hasn’t happened yet, and may get pushed upon early next year. Simply because I’ve recently started learning to drive – again. It’s so expensive and I recently got my car. I think it’s best for me to pass my test before moving out.

Spend more time doing art-y things! Even though it may just be the odd doodle here and there or working on my adult colouring book which I’m absolutely obsessed with, this has definitely happened! Which has made me sooo much more happier in myself.

Start a blog. Hallelujah! Say hello to my baby!

I’m pretty happy with my progress through my goals this year. Did you set goals for yourself this year? How are you getting on with completing them? I’d love to hear!


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