Over-Growing Jumper Collection

Okay, so its October already. The mornings are absolutely freezing and the nights are drawing in and before we know it, its going to be December and we’ll be counting down the days until Christmas (that’s if you haven’t already started!).

So, its the perfect time to stock up on cosy, oversized jumpers, right? RIGHT! My favourite time of year, the more layers the better in my opinion! My jumper collection is growing rapidly, like over growing. All I can seem to get my hands on in my wardrobe right now is jumpers! mmmmmmm. I love me a big cosy jumper on a cold, frosty morning.

So I thought I’d let you special people have a little sneak peek into my jumper collection. My new personal favourite is one I picked up from Primark. A grey, thick woolly jumper with a little turtle neck. It was around £14 in price – bargain! – and in all fairness, I’m wearing it as I write this post and I don’t ever want to take it off. It’s so thick and cosy, and surprisingly soft for the price I paid. I bought it in a size 14, I’m usually a size 8-10 but I thought I’d get larger because the cosier the better right?

Here comes my most recent buy from the lovely ladies over at Boutique of Molly! This is their Naomi knitted top*. Okay, so it may not be named a jumper but, its a jumper to me. With the cute cut out details around the shoulders and chest it adds a little difference into my jumper collection. It’s a black and white two tone knitted texture. This little pretty costs £24.95 and although its not as thick as my others, its perfect for layering.

My last is the Ellie Oversized Jumper from boohoo in a wine colour for £18. I bought this before it got to the cold mornings, so its a little thinner. It’s good for a days that are slightly warmer if you don’t fancy layers – or yes, you guessed it! You can always layer it up with a cute chunky scarf and a jacket.

Even though there are many, many more jumpers in my collection these are my top 3 for this autumn.

Don’t forget you can use discount code ‘DAINTYDWEEB‘ when shopping with Boutique of Molly for 20% off your whole order.

*I paid for the product with a discount offered to me, all views and opinions are my own


The Festive Facemask

I just thought I’d write a quick little post about my new best friend; say hi to my new favourite face mask. Cranberry, from Lush.

I’ve never really been one for face masks, I don’t have a real reason why or why not. I’ve just never really felt the need to buy one. Until I visited my local Lush store for the VIP Launch of their Christmas and Halloween products where the lovely ladies introduced me to this little beauty.

I was uhm-ing and ah-ing about buying it because I thought ‘I’ve never really bought a face mask before, why now?’ ‘Am I even going to use it?’. After a little consideration I thought why not? Let’s treat myself and give it a try, to be honest my favourite thing about it was the colour and the smell. It smells so yummy and to be honest, the smell just makes me want to eat it.

Now I’m so glad I did, I need another pot already. For a small pot, it goes so far! I thought I’d only get maybe 2-3 uses out of it but I’ve definitely had more. I’m absolutely devastated its only limited to the Christmas products because I know I am definitely going to miss it when its gone. It leaves my face feeling luxuriously silky smooth, and the scent lasts all day its so refreshing!

With it being a fresh mask – all ingredients are fresh – therefore it has to be stored in the fridge. It’s so refreshing when you apply it straight from the fridge!

Whilst in store, doing a little tester on my hand I could tell how brightening this product was just on my hand. I only had it on a short couple of minutes and I couldn’t wait to get this little beauty home and see what it could do with my face. Especially with the bags under my eyes recently, they are a nightmare. Like, seriously. Its like looking into two dark holes, honestly I do have eyes under there somewhere!

Anyway, once I got home that evening I tried it right away and I am so impressed with the results. I am so glad I left my place in the queue to pick up a pot.

Do you have a favourite face mask? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


Lush Halloween/Christmas Launch Party

Just over a week or so ago I had the honour of receiving an email off the lovely ladies of my local Lush store inviting me and a friend to their launch of the recently released Halloween and Christmas goodies. As this was my first bloggers event I didn’t really know what to expect but I invited my best friend, Lauren and she was more than happy to accompany me.

Saturday soon arrived and we were excited to find out what it would be like. We arrived outside the store a little early to see people already standing outside nattering to each other and getting to know one another. I was pretty anxious but determined not to let that spoil the evening.

We were greeted by the door at 6:30pm by the lovely ladies of lush and the amazing scents filled the air. The place was all festive with Christmas songs ringing in the background as we all wandered around chatting and getting familiar with each other. There was a good sized group of us, around 20 give or take a few, all with different personalities and our own little quirks.

To kick the night off we did a small exercise of pass the bath bomb, telling everyone who we were and what our favourite thing about Christmas is which was a fun way to start the event. 

The night was filled with lots of demonstrations and chats about how the ingredients in the products worked from bath bombs, to shower gels, cleansers to bubble bars! It was so much fun, especially when it came to making our own bath bomb that we could take home with us at the end of the night.

Halloween Collection 2015

With the Halloween collection only being available throughout October, its very limited. We were greeted with old favourites as well as a few newbies, which I was super excited about hearing about.

One of the old faves; Lord of Misrule is back this year in the form of a bath bomb and a shower gel. With a sweet and comforting vanilla smell, the bath bomb is perfect for a chilly autumn night to unravel in. With a green exterior it reveals a little surprise as it unravels with you.

A new friend is the Nightwing shower jelly, with the shape of a bat its perfect for the dark nights. I love all scents that are fruity, which is why this shower jelly is perfect for me and I can’t wait to use it.

Last but not least, is one of last years favourites. The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar which is perfect for all you glitter lovers. I wish I had tried it earlier, because the smell is so uplifting and warming. Bubble bars are perfect because you can pretty much always get more than one use out of them unless you’re greedy like me and just want all the bubbles all at once!

Christmas Collection 2015

Where do I start? There’s always a great selection at Christmas time with Lush.

The first newbie we were introduced to was a wibbly-wobbly shower jelly. Everyone’s competitive side was shown through a game of pass the shower jelly where we had to throw around Santa’s Belly around the room with one hand. Of course it isn’t Santa’s Belly if it doesn’t contain a drop of alcohol right? With a dash of vegan red wine this jelly is full of rich fruity flavours (but don’t worry, there’s also an alcohol free version).

We were then able to really get our hands stuck in when we we’re given some sexy blue rubber gloves to make our very own Butterbear! The Butterbear bath bomb contains all the same ingredients as the ButterBall but is festively shaped into a super cute bear shape.


One of my favourite of the lot is the Cranberry festive facemask, the scent is amazing. I couldn’t help treating myself to a pot at the end of the evening. I tried it out the night I got home (I seriously couldn’t wait!) and it was amazinggggg! I definitely recommend you pick this little pudding up.

Obviously the all time favourite Snow Fairy is back, along with the Magic Wand and Father Christmas bath bomb which both have the same scent. Honestly, this stuff smells of fairies, unicorns and all things magical.

On the point of the Magic Wand, this year there is a newbie by her side. The
Magic of Christmas, is a new reusable bubble bar with a spicy, warn scent to it. Although, I thought this wouldn’t have been my taste I loved the smell. It’s definitely a way to spread the festive magic.

Anyway, although I could sit here and write for hours about all of the amazing-ness in this years Lush Christmas collect, I wont. I want you too see it for yourselves. I strongly urge you to pop down to your local Lush and fill your boots with all of this festive-y goodness. If you don’t live near a store, check it our online you’ll be amazed by how many choices there are.

I’d like to thank the team that took time out to give us such a wonderful evening filled with fun, laughter and glitter. The thing I love most about Lush stores is how friendly the staff are, nothing is ever too much and they’re always happy to help with advice wherever you need it. As well as Lauren for being my personal little photographer for the evening, the doll, dwi’n caru ti baban.