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The Festive Facemask

I just thought I’d write a quick little post about my new best friend; say hi to my new favourite face mask. Cranberry, from Lush.

I’ve never really been one for face masks, I don’t have a real reason why or why not. I’ve just never really felt the need to buy one. Until I visited my local Lush store for the VIP Launch of their Christmas and Halloween products where the lovely ladies introduced me to this little beauty.

I was uhm-ing and ah-ing about buying it because I thought ‘I’ve never really bought a face mask before, why now?’ ‘Am I even going to use it?’. After a little consideration I thought why not? Let’s treat myself and give it a try, to be honest my favourite thing about it was the colour and the smell. It smells so yummy and to be honest, the smell just makes me want to eat it.

Now I’m so glad I did, I need another pot already. For a small pot, it goes so far! I thought I’d only get maybe 2-3 uses out of it but I’ve definitely had more. I’m absolutely devastated its only limited to the Christmas products because I know I am definitely going to miss it when its gone. It leaves my face feeling luxuriously silky smooth, and the scent lasts all day its so refreshing!

With it being a fresh mask – all ingredients are fresh – therefore it has to be stored in the fridge. It’s so refreshing when you apply it straight from the fridge!

Whilst in store, doing a little tester on my hand I could tell how brightening this product was just on my hand. I only had it on a short couple of minutes and I couldn’t wait to get this little beauty home and see what it could do with my face. Especially with the bags under my eyes recently, they are a nightmare. Like, seriously. Its like looking into two dark holes, honestly I do have eyes under there somewhere!

Anyway, once I got home that evening I tried it right away and I am so impressed with the results. I am so glad I left my place in the queue to pick up a pot.

Do you have a favourite face mask? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.



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