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My First Mac Lipstick

Okay girls, so with this title I bet you’re sat there thinking WHY has she only just got her first Mac lippy? Well, I’ve come so close so many times but every time I end up changing my mind and going for something on the high street instead.

Until I went on a little coffee date with my best friend, and Costa addict just over a week ago and we were sat chatting make up and stuff. You know, girly things? Anyway, she starts talking about needing a new Mac lipstick.I already knew she had a couple already and I explained to her how I can never bring myself to pay £15-£20 for a lipstick. Mainly because I’d never tried it before, what if it wasn’t as good as I’d expected and I felt like I was wasting my money? So she pulls out her make up bag and gives me her Mac lippy in the shade ‘Rebel’ because she doesn’t think the colour suits her so she doesn’t use it that often. She told me to take it home, try it out and see why she can’t buy any other lipstick than Mac now.
And that’s where it all goes wrong for my bank account. Everyone’s told me its all down hill from here, and now I understand why. ITS AMAZING. The colour is beautiful, it’s GREAT for long lasting wear and I think I’ve all around just fell in love. I now understand why you all love Mac lippy, and now I can’t see myself buying anything other than that.

Seriously, if any of you are putting off trying it, I urge you not too! So now obviously I’ve spent sometime scouring through the Mac website to get a few new shades and now my basket is over flowing. It’s reaching the 3 digit mark and all I can think is oh dear, what have I got myself into?

Do you use Mac lipstick or do you have another favourite brand? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment or tweet me @horrorgrrrrl


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