The Big Move

So, I have been itching to write this post for weeks but put it off and pushed it back. Purely because of nerves, and stress.

Let’s start from the beginning. Shall we?

About a month ago, Nathan and I decided instead of looking for a flat/apartment to rent out as our first home we wanted to look for a house. Purely because it’s somewhere we’re going to be for a while, whilst we save and decide what we want to do from there. We want our own garden, a drive and our own front door, not a communial one. Basically we want our own privacy. So we started nosing online, here and there.

A few days in we found the most perfect home for us that we could ever imagine. A small house on a nice estate in a village near our hometown. About 5 minute drive from his family, 10 minute drive from work, the town centre and my mums house. A 15-20 minute drive from my dad and the rest of my family.

It has two bedrooms, a gorgeous back garden, front garden and a drive to fit two cars – perfect for when I pass my test and get my car on the road!

Anyway; we sat down with our parents and showed them. They liked it as much as we did and we decided to book a viewing. We booked it for a Monday evening and my dad said he would come along and help us look for anything dodgey – he’s been on both sides, a tenant and a landlord before. Everything looked good.

Tuesday morning, we got together our application fees and went and applied for this house to be our home. The process was long, and I constantly felt sick. Everyday. If someone mentioned the house to me; I didn’t want to talk about it because I was that nervous that something would go wrong I felt like I was going to throw up all over them.

The worst thing was going home shopping because I wanted to buy everything, I was secretly so excited but I wouldn’t let it show because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Inside I wanted to put everything I had seen in my trolley but my head would tell me no, because there’s a chance it may not be yours.

After a long 10 days waiting for that phone call, I decided I would go and see the gentleman dealing with our application (this was Friday just gone). As I walked through the door, he was just putting the phone down – to me! He explained that everything had gone smoothly and THE HOUSE IS OURS!!!

I could have burst with excitement and happiness whilst in that room. The feeling was amazing. NATHAN AND I HAVE OUR FIRST HOME!

We get our keys on Saturday morning, so this week has been hectic getting things together ready and I couldn’t be more thankful to both of our families for how helpful and supportive they have been.

Pinterest has been my best friend lately for decor ideas, help a gal out if you have any decor boards! @horrorgrrrrl


Alternatively if you have ANY advice on anything to do with moving into your first home, please feel free to tweet me @horrorgrrrrl I’m looking for aaaall the help I can get right now!


Has the Obsession Started? 

So before Christmas I shared a little post about my best friend giving me my first Mac Lipstick. Well, Rebel soon became my best friend. It’s safe to say, I’ve fallen in love with Mac lipstick!

So what was on my little list to Santa? More Mac! and Santa (in the form of my wonderful momma) definitely delivered this year! *eeee* I guess obsession has started, aswell as my collection.

On Christmas morning I opened a little package, and inside were 4 beautiful shades of amazingness.

I got the shades Viva Glam II, Pink Plaid, Diva and Cyber. They’re all beeeautiful colours, and a great varied selection; well done mumma!

My ultimate fav right now is Viva Glam II, it’s a very natural pink-y/brown mauve colour with a satin finish. Great for everyday wear, and lately it’s been my go-to lipstick. It applies soo smoothly, and has a creamy texture that doesn’t dry your lips out.

Pink Plaid is another more subtle colour  of the four. It’s a lush baby pink with a matte finish. I always find matte finishes very dry, and if I have dry lips when applying it comes out looking all blotchy, so make sure you apply lots of Vaseline/lip balm before hand, or even apply a lip scrub in preparation!

One of the more fierce shades I have is Diva. I’ve seen so many people rave about this colour online, it’s a popping red colour again with a matte finish. Who doesn’t love a bit of red lippy now and again? I have to say, I don’t wear red a lot. But when I do I looooove it. It definitely brings out the fierce Leo side in me.

Last but definitely not least is the queen of all. Cyber. If you’re like me and love a dark pout, you’ll love this. It’s a dark purple, satin finish and I just absolutely love it.

Here are some swatch tests of all four too;

I think the thing I love most about Mac lipsticks, is there is soooo much choice. They’re like never ending. Now I just need to find liners to match them all! If any of you have found the perfect liners to match any of these shades please let me know in the comments, or tweet me! @horrorgrrrrl

The Tattoo Queen

Okay, so since I turned 18 I have to admit I love nothing more than sitting under the needle for a new beauty added to my canvas. I’ve always wanted to do a little photo archive post on my tattoos, purely because of how much I love each and every one of them.

Since becoming a little tattoo addicted my dads new nickname for me is; the tattoo queen. He’s never loved my tattoo’s purely because I am his little girl, he doesn’t want my skin covered in permanent designs. But he understands that it’s my body, and my choices.
If any of you follow my Instagram, you will have seen my tattoos before but for those of you who haven’t I thought it’d be nice to do a short post of all of my tattoos. Altogether I have 10, mostly on my legs with a couple on my arms. I got my first on the day of my 18th birthday which is the smallest I have.
I then went for my second the day after, I just couldn’t help myself and that’s when I knew I’d definitely be getting more. Here are a few photos of my little collection;





98% of my tattoos were all executed by the same artist Daniel Buckler, he’s a local artist from my hometown and tattoos at Dexterity Ink alongside Cathy Sue, Tom Clayton and apprentice Jemmy Lee.
Dan specialises in more traditional pieces, his style is awesome and I definitely recommend you check out his work.


My Halloween special; which I got last Halloween, and my most recent – the delicate line work flower on my wrist – were both done in the same studio but by Tom. When I first started getting my tattoos he was in the latest stages of his apprenticeship and which he has now completed.

A lot of people have mixed opinions on my tattoos but as I said above; it’s my canvas so the choices I make are my own and I love every single one of them. 

Am I going to get more? Definitely.
Am I going to regret them one day? Definitely not. 

Do you have any tattoo’s/tattoo stories? I’d 100% love to hear them!