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5 Ways to Style Dutch Braids

Before we start this post, can we just appreciate how hard it is to take pictures of the back of your head without someone else to do it for you – it’s hard! Also, I did all of these hairstyles by myself, on myself, so obviously they’re not going to be perfect so be nice.

Dutch braids have quickly become one of my favourite ways to style my mid-length hair. They’re a quick and easy fix to a bad hair day. If you’re looking for new ways to style your hair the post is definitely for you! Keep scrolling to find out how I style my dutch braids.  

1. Incorporate them into your space buns. 

Part your hair straight down the middle – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Tie one side out of the way whilst you plait the other. Once you have reached to the point of having no more hair to add, keep plaiting and secure with an elastic. Pull the sides all the way up slightly to loosen and make a more relaxed look. Twist the end into a bun and secure with grips, bobby pins, slides whatever you call them. Repeat with the other side. 

2. Dutch braid crown.

Give your hair an extreme side parting. Moving a long your hair line part all the way along around 2 inches back from your hair line. Begin a Dutch braid from one side to the other, braid all the way along and once you’ve reached the other side carry on the plait and secure with an elastic. Loosen the sides to create more of a relaxed look. Pin back using bobby pins. Take the rest of your hair and style how you wish. My favourite is a messy bun or pony tail – but you could always style hair down, or however you like. 

3. The simple Dutch braid.

This is the most simple of the lot. Do a simple Dutch braid starting from the top, adding sections as you move down. Once you get to the bottom leave a small section out at the nape of your neck – this will be used to hide the bobble. Tie off leaving the rest of your hair in a pony. Pull the sides out all the way up to give yourself more of a chunky plait – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Use the piece you left at the nape of your neck wrap around the bobble to hide and secure it underneath with a bobby pin. 

4. The half up/half down dutch braid.

Another pretty simple one. You start off exactly the same as number 4 – apart from when you reach to around about your ears, stop adding sections and carry on with a plait and tie it off. Loosen the sides if you’re looking for more a relaxed/messy look and style the rest of your hair as you please. 

5. Dutch braid up-do 

This is one I’ve only taught myself recently. Tease the roots of around the crown to give it a little volume. Part your hair roughly down the centre, it doesn’t need to be perfectly. Tie one side out of the way. Start braiding the other from just behind your ear along the hair line until you reach your parting and then plait the rest off until you’ve reached the ends of your hair and secure with a bobble. Repeat on the other side. Loosen along the sides all the way up to give it more of a relaxed/messy look and then cross the plaits over and twist the remainder underneath so it can’t be seen, pin to secure. Play around loosening different parts to gain desired look. 

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6 responses to “5 Ways to Style Dutch Braids”

  1. Totally jealous over here! These are stunning! I wish I could braid as well as you!!

  2. Kyia Belle says:

    I love your simple Dutch braid. So chic and casual! I actually find it easier to do duth braids rather than french… Just me? haha xx


  3. I love all of these and the last one is probably my favourite if I had to choose. I love braids just in general as well, I just find I suck at doing them on myself!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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