Sunday Thoughts #3

Guess who has already fallen behind on their weekly Sunday posts? Me. In all honesty, I have been majorly busy with work and changing stuff around.

During the week I spent time working and filling out paper work for my new job – boring! But when the paperwork came in the post it came with a cute little congratulations card and a friggin’ chocolate bar! I was sold – best employer ever. I also spent some time catching up on my favourite TV shows with Nathan like Peaky Blinders, Eastenders, Teen Mom 2 and obviously the guilty pleasure that is Geordie Shore. I mean who doesn’t love a bit of Geordie madness on a Tuesday night?

Thursday was my last day in retail – for now. I don’t really want to say I’ll never work in retail again because who knows what may happen in the furure? It was actually really sad, and cute. Although I went into work really excited and happy to get the shift over with. My little work family went through all of the effort to get me flowers, chocolates and a card – they’re so cute. I wasn’t expecting anything like that at all. I’m going to miss seeing their little faces everyday.

My number one gal, Lauren, came to visit and painted my nails especially for my welcome meeting on Friday – isn’t she just the cutest. It was super nice to be able to catch up with her because we both have busy lives and it’s not always possible. It’s awesome how something as small as a little natter over a cup of tea can make your day a million times better sometimes.

I’m super lucky this weekend because it’s bank holiday and by luck, Nathan and I both have it off work – yaaaay! So here’s to a nice chilled out bank holiday. Let’s hope the weather stays sunny.

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Primark Haul

If you’ve read my Sunday Thoughts #2 post you’ll know that over the weekend my momma and I spent a little time in Primark doing some shopping. With my new job I’m going to be wearing my own clothes to work so my mum decided to treat me to a few bits and bobs for getting the job.

Obviously I’m gonna share with you guys what I got!

Mustard Turtle Neck £3.00 | Checked Pinifore Dress £11.00

I’ve always been so sceptical about the mustard colour because I love it but I was a little uncertain on whether it would suit me. With the turtle neck being a bargain price of £3 I couldn’t really say no! I thought it would look super cute with this checked pinafore for SS16, or I could even pair the dress with a long sleeved top for cooler days.

Patterened Trousers £11.00 | Lace up Flats £8.00

I’m a huge lover of patterned trousers so when I came across these, I was in love. They can be worn casual with a jumper and trainers/flats or dressed up with heels. Being black and white you can pair it up with a pop of any colour; I picked these burgundy lace up flats. I’m all for Primarks improved comfort in their flats, a little more cushion goes a long way. The lace up detail is lush, and at the price of £8.00 who can say no?

Dream on Crop £6.00 | Leggins £3.00

As a lover of slogan tees, this simple and sweet dream on tee was a huge win for me. I love Primarks collection of slogan tee’s lately. This ones a crop so I bought it in a size 14 for more of an oversized look. Perfect with any bottoms, or skirts. I picked up a pair of leggings in a size bigger than my usual size in hope of missing the whole see-through leggings disaster.

All together we only spent £42 which is such a bargain price for 6 items! As you can see my items are quite varied, I can’t even pick a favourite because they’re all my favourite in different ways!

Have you picked up anything cute in Primark lately, or any other store?

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Sunday Thoughts #2

This week Sunday definitely came around way too quickly. Nathan and I have been off all week which has been super duper nice, and fun. Although it has been full on, I had a phone call for a job interview at the beginning of the week. Which included one skills assesment day, and two seperate interviews. I’m very pleased to say I was successful – eeeeee! I found out on Friday and start at the end of the month.

Nathan’s brother has been in hospital for an operation on his knee so we spent the first couple of days back and too visiting in between my interviews and stuff. I think we’ve actually seen him more in those few days than we have over the last couple of months. That made me realise we need to make more time for those close to us.

We finally went to see Bad Neighbours 2 – as a little celebratory after finding out about my job offer – on Friday night. Although I thought the first was better, I still enjoyed it. I regret not getting an Oreo milkshake from the Ben & Jerrys counter though.

Yesterday I spent a little quality time with my momma. Which was nice, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Even though it wasn’t really that hot I still managed to burn- ouch. Aloe Vera where art thou? We went on a cute little Primark spree, and then sat in a beer garden catching up on the past couple of weeks.

Today is going to be spent with my other half. Nathan and I are going to have a day to ourselves – whether that’s a day in or out. I don’t know yet. But whatever we do I am looking forward to it. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

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Etsy Picks – Work Space Edition 

Everybody loves a pretty desk area right? Whether it’s your work space or vanity area, here are some Etsy picks to give your work space that extra Pinterest worthy touch.

Mason Jar Pen Holder | Gold Foil Print | Floral Monogram Notebook | Positive Pencils

At the moment I actually don’t have a desk area to make pretty at all. Since moving in I’ve not had the chance (or the pennies) to get a desk, but I will be getting one for the spare room. I will have a pretty little desk area to do my blogging/drawing, well whatever I want to do there. But when I do get it sorted I’ll definitely be getting bits and bobs like these.
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Sunday Thoughts



Sunday’s off work are nice, very nice. But Nathan going to work sucks. I miss our lazy Sunday’s together doing sweet fuck all, in comfy clothes on the sofa with countless amounts of episodes from the latest Netflix series we had been watching. Yes. We are that couple that Netflix and chill – like I mean we actually chill.

This week has been stressful in work and I haven’t managed to do a lot outside of it. I’ve been concentrating on organising posts, taking photos etc and that means my only spare time has gone into my blog. I haven’t caught up with friends, I feel like I need to dedicate more time to friends. Definitely.

I work to live, not live to work’

This Sunday is extra relaxed, purely because I am in the beginning of my 8 days off work yay! I’m looking forward to some extra time with Nathan, more time for blogging and hopefully catching up with some friends. I really want to go see Jungle Book in the cinema – yes I’m a little behind on that – as well as Bad Neighbours 2.

The flowers on our cherry blossom tree are finally starting to bloom, which made me super happy about summer coming – and sorting the garden out! I can’t wait to get a cute table and chair set, some plants and ornaments.

I’ve been meaning to start Dexter for so long, maybe this week I will get the time too. Nathan got super excited because Peaky Blinders is back, and I’m actually starting to enjoy it. Everybody loves a guy with pretty blue eyes, right?

Anyway, I’m now sat out in the sun with my little brother and dad. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. Until next time.
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‘She Designed a Life She Loved’ 

I feel like I’ve been struggling a lot lately. I mentioned it in a previous post, the one where I shared the 5 things that make me happy.

I’m always tired, I’m majorly fed up in my job – I got moved back into a food department and I feel like I’m in square one again. I feel like I have very little motivation to be there and I think that’s the main reason I’m struggling. It’s draining me. The shifts are awkward, 99% of the people aren’t nice people to be around and I feel like I need a new start in a completely different atmosphere – with new/different opportunities for me.

As I was writing this post a cold called rang my door bell and as I got up to answer I knocked my freshly made cup of tea everywhere. I seem to be having a lot of these moments lately. 

Anyway, I recently found a quote – online; I can’t remember whether it was Instagram or Etsy.

This quote has been helping me a hell of a lot through the moments where I want to be anywhere but work because we all have to have a starting point, we all need that little bit of money coming in every month so we can do what we want to do. To me, at the moment all I want to do is design – well, decorate. I want to work around what we have in our home to design the way I want it. I want to start being more crafty, even if it’s just painting my wall, or revamping some old furniture.

But I also want to start drawing, painting, making cute little handmade gifts for friends and family. To do that, I need a work space. To create my work space – which will hopefully be rather big sized desk area in our spare room – I need money to buy the things I need. Therefore I need to keep going in my everyday job.

And one day I will get the life I love.

For now I just need to keep on going. Let’s go and make another cup of tea. 

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