Barry M Nailed It! 

Whenever I’m looking to purchase a new nail varnish I always end up by the Barry M stand in my local drugstore. Since I can remember I have pretty much always used Barry M on my nails, purely because they’re so affordable and such great quality.

Basically, I just thought I’d take the time out to show you my new nail varnishes – because I’m awesome like that! When I went and made the purchase there was a deal on, something like spend over X amount and get a free bronzer. I’m such a bargain hunter so I absolutely loved it! I planned on just picking up one – maybe two but ended up walking out of the shop with 4 and a free bronzer!

The first is my favourite, Molten Metal in the shade Copper Mine it’s a gorgeous shimmering copper colour which all in all was one that I took the plunge with because although I loved the colour in the bottle I didn’t know whether I’d love it as much on my nails. But let me tell you, I do! After that we have the Sunset – Daylight Curing in Fuchsia Generation, I’m not usually one for bright colours, especially pink but this one is gorgeous. Third we have Nail Paint in the shade Vintage Voilet which is a deep violet which is nice don’t get me wrong but I haven’t fallen head over heels with it like I thought I would. Last but not least is on top with Copper Mine, it’s another Sunset – Daylight Curing in Dark Side of the Shroom, although it’s pretty similar to Vintage Violet I prefer this one because it’s a gorgeous mauve colour – totally me! 

Whats your go to nail varnish at the moment?

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Sunday Thoughts #7

Whenever it comes around to writing a fresh Sunday Thoughts post, I always end up sitting here thinking ‘where the hell has this week gone?’. They seem to be flying by and I just can’t believe how quick they’re going. But, this week has been a whirlwind. Between the EU referedum and the Euros. It’s been full of ups and downs. I’m not here to moan about how the referedum ended, but you have to understand that it’s just disappointing. On the plus side; WALES ARE IN THE QUARTER FINALS! I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be one of those crazy football fans but I have been keeping up with the Euros purely for Wales, and in a really shitty week, they have still made me feel so proud to be Welsh.

Work-wise, I moved from training on Friday! I’m going to miss my little training team so much, it’s going to be weird not seeing them on Monday morning. But I have to say the girls on my team are absolutely lovely! They’ve made me feel so welcome already, and I have only spent a few hours with them! Wednesday, I’ll finally have my own little home in work. I have my lamp ready to go, but still need a few other little bits to decorate my desk. If you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments or tweet me @horrorgrrrrl. I need a pen holder, a tea coaster, a desk calendar and some pretty decorative bits too!

I finally partially got my outfit sorted for the Races and surprise, surprise it’s nothing that I picked in my recent post. I found something else I fell in love with in Newlook. I’m thinking of doing an outfit post on it nearer the time, so keep your eyes peeled! I just have to find the perfect accessories to finish the outfit off.

I spent yesterday morning driving around with my dad looking at possible new cars, but we had no luck. It was super nice to spend some time with my dad though, father-daughter time is a rarity. After driving around for hours, I spent the afternoon with mumma before she jetted off to her second family in Portugal this morning. We didn’t really do a lot, just caught up on each others gossip from the week over a drink. It was nice to just chill and do sweet nothing. Last night Nathan and I had a cute movie/tv night in bed, we watched Gogglesprogs, before falling asleep half way through Twilight and indulged in Magic Stars, Pringles and Skittles.

Completely off topic but, I really want to get myself some sort of diary/planner to organise myself more, to set myself goals not only for blogging but for little things around the house too. So, I’m going to be hunting for the perfect one for myself over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I spent this morning cleaning the house, I think I now have the smell of bleach permanently etched into my skin. It’s so therapeutic, such a chore at first but once you’re neck deep in cleaning products there’s no way out, and once it’s all done it makes me feel so refreshed. I can’t wait to decorate and get myself a desk for the spare room, but for now it’s filled with heaps of cardboard and things that we haven’t found a place for yet. After cleaning I made Nathan and I a good old bacon butty because what is Sunday without a bacon butty. We then went and did our weekly food shop, before getting in our comfy clothes and chilling on the sofa. Which is where I am now.

I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon catching up on posts from my favourite bloggers, which I haven’t been able to read throughout the week before taking part in the #lbloggers chat at 7pm. Happy Sunday my lovelies.

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Make Your Stamp with A Lamp

Okay, so since I’m going to have my own dedicated desk (in work) next week I’ve been searching for little bits that I can use to decorate and personalise my work space. One thing we’ve been asked to get to put our own little stamp on our desk, and that is a lamp.

Throughout the company it has been decided that we’re getting a certain amount reimbursed for the price of our lamp – which I think is a super cute idea, that way we can go out and chose our own lamp instead of them giving us all the same, generic desk lamps.

I’ve seen quite a few that I like, some being generic desk lamps – others being weird and wonderful, and I just thought I’d share my favourites with you. You know, incase you’re ever in need of some lamp ideas *insert smirky face emoji here*.

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Amelia Table Lamp £15.99 | Stag Table Lamp £49.50 | Copper Effect Desk Lamp £20 | Unicorn Desk Lamp £11.99 | Butterfly Ball Table Lamp £15.99

They’re all from your well-known homeware shops; Dunelm, Asda Living etc and I feel that most of them are reasonably priced.

The one I picked up in the end was the Butterfly Ball Lamp from Dunelm, I orginially went in store to get the Amelia Table Lamp but changed my mind in store – I’m much more of a butterfly kinda gal.

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Sunday Thoughts #6 

It feels like I’ve only just wrote last weeks post! Where has the week gone?

Anyway, this week has been pretty chilled, although I have done a lot – it’s not seemed so hectic. Work has been tiring but I only have a little more training to do now – I’ll be at my own desk before I know it! I can’t wait, I am so excited to decorate my own little work space. It’s life outside of work that has been busy this week. Especially towards the back end of the week anyway. If you read last weeks Sunday Thoughts post you’ll know that I have made a little change to my hair colour and I absoltelu love it! I want to be a little ginger forever. I’ll probably change my mind in a couple of months!

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday afternoon I spent some quality time with my little brother, we played GTA on his PlayStation – he taught me how to drive and I taught him how to shoot hahaha! I’m still struggling to master the art of driving on a video game. Thursday I met one of my friends from school and we went to Mecca bingo which was really fun. Apart from the fact that we were way too busy chatting and catching up, which ended up in us missing numbers – whoops! Maybe next time we will decide on doing something where we can just sit and catch up, rather than having to concerntrate on something else. I didn’t win anything, but there’s always next time!

I was so happy when Friday came around because Nathan and I had the weekend off together. Although we already had plans it was nice to know that neither of us had work to go to. After work on Friday evening, we went and payed a visit to Nathan’s Mums house. Where we ended up bringing his little brother to ours for tea, so we popped to the supermarket to get some food. I ended up cooking a chicken and pepperoni bake with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce with some sweet potato fries on the side – it was super yummy! He ended up staying with us until later that night and we watched Love Island and Big Brother together. I say he’s Nathan’s little brother but he turns 18 next month, and he’s definitely not little anymore!

Saturday I switched things around a little and popped to visit my mum in the morning as I had a family baby shower in the afternoon. With the soon to be newborn being a summer baby my cousin decided on the idea of a barbique instead of your original baby shower and renamed the event a baby-q. The afternoon was fun-filled with games and activities, the weather held up but it would have been nice for us to have the blazing hot sun like it was a couple of weeks ago. We played games such as ‘Guess the poopy nappy’ and before you ask it didn’t involve a poopy nappy! We were handed 5 nappies with different chocolate bars melted inside and I we had to guess which chocolate bar was in which nappy, through sight, smell and yes you could have a little nibble! I thought this was such a good idea for a baby shower game. I came joint 1st, because there was three of us we had to do a tiebreaker challenge – blow a malteaser across a table inbetween obstacles and into a cup. It’s safe to say that this defitely wasn’t in my favour hahahah! In the evening Nathan and I decided to have a little date night and make the most of the 2 tickets for £10 offer on in the Odeon. We decided to go and see the Conjuring 2, which was really good! I was half expecting it to be a sham like most horrors these days but I really enjoyed it. Definitely a recommendation if you are a horror lover.

Today, I made Nathan breakfast in bed ’cause I’m cutie like that and with it being Father’s Day we have been to visit my dad, his step dad and granddad. Now we’re back home, curled up on the sofa catching up on all this weeks TV that we have missed and Nathan is treating me, by making us a meal – which I am sure excited for.

I hope you have all had a lovely week, weekend and Father’s Day!

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The Races – What to Wear

As you all know, I started my new job recently – and let me tell you I love it! Don’t get me wrong its stressful, very stressful. Especially with it being so different to what I’m used too. I’ve worked in the retail/food industry for nearly 5 years, now I’m training to be a PA.

Anyway, lets not waffle on. Thats what my Sunday Thoughts posts are for. A few days into being on my training team, we got informed of the next work event. Which is the Chester Races on the 8th July. I’m super excited because from all of the stories I’ve heard about – it seems like sooo much fun.

Its basically an evening for everyone to let their hair down and newbies – like me – get the chance to mingle a little more. So obviously, the first thing I thought was what the hell am I going to wear? 

So little old me, heads for the online shops. Now, I have too many choices and cant seem to narrow them down. Help?

Mellia Taupe Plunge Bodycon £25; Mina Floral Print Strappy Full Skirt Skater £20; Chi Chi London Premium Lace Midi £65; Jenna Deep Plunge Jumpsuit Navy £25

I’d love to hear your opinions and see which your favourites are. Or if you have a completely different suggestion, let me know! Either in the comments or tweet me @horrorgrrrrl

Sunday Thoughts #5

This week has definitely been a busy one. I’ve fallen behind on my blogging schedule, which is why you haven’t seen a mid week post from Dainty Dweeb. All I can do is apologise, I need to find a better schedule that works around my new job which is what my plan for today is.

I have had an exhasuting one this week, I have been learning new things in work everyday which has been tiring me out immensely. I have hit the half way mark in my training which means I only have two weeks left and, from here it can only get easier. I have a couple of things left to learn and from then on its just improving my skills. I’m moving on to a different training team on Monday and I can not thank my previous two trainers enough – they have been absolutely amazing, so helpful and patient. It’s nice to know that even though I am moving on, they have made it clear that they will always be around to help if we need them.

Now, outside of work. I’m disappointed in myself for not being organised enough on the blog front. This is going to change in the weeks coming, I’m organising new posts as we speak. I’m still going to concerntrate on two posts a week – a midweek post and my Sunday  Thoughts posts will be staying.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for my social life this week. Which sucks big mighty balls. Near enough every night I’ve ended up falling asleep on the sofa at like 7pm hahahah – I’m so lazy!

I swear, I started in this job at the perfect time. Just in time for the annual ‘Mr Whippy day’. I can hear you asking yourselves, what the hell is a Mr Whippy day? Well, my little beauties, prepare to be amazed. One day a year, one of the MD’s in work pays a local ice cream man to come and sit in the front of our building and we’ll all get a free ice cream! I swear I have chosen to work for one of the best companies around. They seriously know how to treat their staff, I mean who doesn’t love free ice cream?

Friday was noodle day in work – because it was our last day as a whole team, we decided that it would be nice to have dinner as a whole and order noodles. Who can say no to noodles? Especially when they’re so yummy! One of the girls who had never tried them before shared a box with me, because let’s face it I can never finish a box to myself.

Obviously I spent Saturday afternoon with mumma. As always. We did a little shopping, it’s my cousins baby shower next week, so I searched high and low for the perfect gifts – which I got. Along with a cute little card and gift bag. I also took a little trip to Superdrug and picked up some nail varnishes – finally. Since working with food all of my nail varnishes either disappeared or went all sticky so they ended up in the bin. So, I treated myself to some brand sparking new Barry M polishes which I can’t wait to try out. Along-side some hair dye because my roots are hurrendus! It’s shameful. I’ve decided to add come colour to my hair with an auburn colour this time, so we shall see how that goes.

My Sunday has consisted of post planning and writing before going to see my dad and spending some family time with him, my brother and step mum. I am currently writing this up whilst I have said hair dye from above on and it’s now time to go and rinse. So that’s all for today’s Sunday Thoughts before I start rambling even more. I apologise if this weeks has been very ramble-y, but it has been nice to write up. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and I’ll catch up with you next Sunday!

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Sunday Thoughts #4

img_0085img_0084img_0287 This week has undoubtedly been a crazy one. Bank holiday off was very nice and chilled, we didn’t really do a lot; a little bit of food shopping and stupid amounts of lazing around. Tuesday brought the first day of my new job. I have to admit, I actually wasn’t nervous at all – which is stupidly strange for me. I’m usually nervous for everything.

Exhausting and fun – if I was asked to sum up this week in two word so, those are the ones I would use. I forgot just how exhausting it is to learn new things. It’s 95% theory purely because of their computer systems and the amount of information you have to take in. But the people surrounding you are so lovely and fun to be around, it’s amazing. I d not think I’ve even been out into a group of people that have gelled so well, in such s short space of time before.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have heard about a few little trips I had earlier this week. Tuesday morning I was way to eager for breakfast and accidentally fell down the stairs – which when you look back at it now, was quite hilarious. It definitely wasn’t at the time, in fact my neck is still a little sore. But not did I only fall down the stairs that day, I also fell up them on my way to bed that night. Falling up the stairs definitely didn’t hurt as much as falling down them. Maybe that was a sign telling me that I shouldn’t have gotten it of bed at all that day?

I have to say this weekend has been a lovely one, I finally got that to experience that Friday feeling. My girl, Lauren, picked me up after work on Friday with a bag of my favourite sweets. I swear that girl can read my mind, seriously it’s scary sometimes. She had been to the beach on her day off and decided that we were going to get noodles and eat them in the garden. So that’s exactly what we did. We enjoyed the last few hours in the sun before she had to head off. Yesterday, I had a driving lesson in the morning and spent the afternoon with my mumma which was lovely, as always. It’s Sunday and it’s absolutely beautiful. Nathan and I are off work, with no plans. So, I am sat writing this post out in garden, whilst enjoying the sun.

I hope you’re all well, and the sun is with you today. If it is, remember your sun cream! Have a wonderful day, and I’ll catch up with you next week.

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So a few weeks ago, I got my crown. I bet you’re sat there think huh? What crown? My coconut crown duh! That’s right, I’m now a Coconut Queen.

I came across Coconut Lane, a couple of months ago. They’re a super cute London based company that sell all different types of bits and bobs to die for. From sunglasses to motivational prints, stickers to socks. When I found out that they were looking for bloggers and influences to work with I jumped at the chance.


My number one faves are the notebooks, purely because they come with blank pages and I love to draw and doodle. I find it really difficult to find cute looking notebooks with decent blank pages – so these are perfect for me. They come in lots of different designs so there’s one for everyone. I chose Whirl* because the marble print is totally on trend right now and it’s a pretty simple design which is totally me.

I think the only thing that disappointed me was that when I first went on their site you could chose to order a wall art print with or without a frame – obviously it would have been a bit more expensive with the frame but it saves you going out and finding one if you wanted to frame your wall art. But they’ve stopped doing that now. It’s clearly not a huge deal because I can still go out and get a frame elsewhere. They’ve now changed the option of two different font types which I think is cute. You can go for a plain bold font or the cute fancy one which I chose for my Stay Focused* wall art.

I love the little greeting cards they do – I’m keeping my Unicorns & Sparkles greeting card* for a special occasion for one of my closest gals. But I can’t wait to give it her because she is going to love it. They come blank inside so they can be used for any occasion which I think is a great point.

As for the ring** – I got this as a cute little surprise in my parcel. It’s a plain silver ring in the design of a nail, can be worn as a simple accessory to any outfit. I thought this was super thoughtful of them because I really wasn’t expecting it.

Now for the best part, being a Coconut Queen I got my very own discount code for you lovelies to use. Enter daintydweeb20 at the check out to 20% off all of your goodies!

Pssssst. Let me know what you got! 

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