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Sunday Thoughts #4

img_0085img_0084img_0287 This week has undoubtedly been a crazy one. Bank holiday off was very nice and chilled, we didn’t really do a lot; a little bit of food shopping and stupid amounts of lazing around. Tuesday brought the first day of my new job. I have to admit, I actually wasn’t nervous at all – which is stupidly strange for me. I’m usually nervous for everything.

Exhausting and fun – if I was asked to sum up this week in two word so, those are the ones I would use. I forgot just how exhausting it is to learn new things. It’s 95% theory purely because of their computer systems and the amount of information you have to take in. But the people surrounding you are so lovely and fun to be around, it’s amazing. I d not think I’ve even been out into a group of people that have gelled so well, in such s short space of time before.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have heard about a few little trips I had earlier this week. Tuesday morning I was way to eager for breakfast and accidentally fell down the stairs – which when you look back at it now, was quite hilarious. It definitely wasn’t at the time, in fact my neck is still a little sore. But not did I only fall down the stairs that day, I also fell up them on my way to bed that night. Falling up the stairs definitely didn’t hurt as much as falling down them. Maybe that was a sign telling me that I shouldn’t have gotten it of bed at all that day?

I have to say this weekend has been a lovely one, I finally got that to experience that Friday feeling. My girl, Lauren, picked me up after work on Friday with a bag of my favourite sweets. I swear that girl can read my mind, seriously it’s scary sometimes. She had been to the beach on her day off and decided that we were going to get noodles and eat them in the garden. So that’s exactly what we did. We enjoyed the last few hours in the sun before she had to head off. Yesterday, I had a driving lesson in the morning and spent the afternoon with my mumma which was lovely, as always. It’s Sunday and it’s absolutely beautiful. Nathan and I are off work, with no plans. So, I am sat writing this post out in garden, whilst enjoying the sun.

I hope you’re all well, and the sun is with you today. If it is, remember your sun cream! Have a wonderful day, and I’ll catch up with you next week.

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