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Sunday Thoughts #6 

It feels like I’ve only just wrote last weeks post! Where has the week gone?

Anyway, this week has been pretty chilled, although I have done a lot – it’s not seemed so hectic. Work has been tiring but I only have a little more training to do now – I’ll be at my own desk before I know it! I can’t wait, I am so excited to decorate my own little work space. It’s life outside of work that has been busy this week. Especially towards the back end of the week anyway. If you read last weeks Sunday Thoughts post you’ll know that I have made a little change to my hair colour and I absoltelu love it! I want to be a little ginger forever. I’ll probably change my mind in a couple of months!

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday afternoon I spent some quality time with my little brother, we played GTA on his PlayStation – he taught me how to drive and I taught him how to shoot hahaha! I’m still struggling to master the art of driving on a video game. Thursday I met one of my friends from school and we went to Mecca bingo which was really fun. Apart from the fact that we were way too busy chatting and catching up, which ended up in us missing numbers – whoops! Maybe next time we will decide on doing something where we can just sit and catch up, rather than having to concerntrate on something else. I didn’t win anything, but there’s always next time!

I was so happy when Friday came around because Nathan and I had the weekend off together. Although we already had plans it was nice to know that neither of us had work to go to. After work on Friday evening, we went and payed a visit to Nathan’s Mums house. Where we ended up bringing his little brother to ours for tea, so we popped to the supermarket to get some food. I ended up cooking a chicken and pepperoni bake with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce with some sweet potato fries on the side – it was super yummy! He ended up staying with us until later that night and we watched Love Island and Big Brother together. I say he’s Nathan’s little brother but he turns 18 next month, and he’s definitely not little anymore!

Saturday I switched things around a little and popped to visit my mum in the morning as I had a family baby shower in the afternoon. With the soon to be newborn being a summer baby my cousin decided on the idea of a barbique instead of your original baby shower and renamed the event a baby-q. The afternoon was fun-filled with games and activities, the weather held up but it would have been nice for us to have the blazing hot sun like it was a couple of weeks ago. We played games such as ‘Guess the poopy nappy’ and before you ask it didn’t involve a poopy nappy! We were handed 5 nappies with different chocolate bars melted inside and I we had to guess which chocolate bar was in which nappy, through sight, smell and yes you could have a little nibble! I thought this was such a good idea for a baby shower game. I came joint 1st, because there was three of us we had to do a tiebreaker challenge – blow a malteaser across a table inbetween obstacles and into a cup. It’s safe to say that this defitely wasn’t in my favour hahahah! In the evening Nathan and I decided to have a little date night and make the most of the 2 tickets for £10 offer on in the Odeon. We decided to go and see the Conjuring 2, which was really good! I was half expecting it to be a sham like most horrors these days but I really enjoyed it. Definitely a recommendation if you are a horror lover.

Today, I made Nathan breakfast in bed ’cause I’m cutie like that and with it being Father’s Day we have been to visit my dad, his step dad and granddad. Now we’re back home, curled up on the sofa catching up on all this weeks TV that we have missed and Nathan is treating me, by making us a meal – which I am sure excited for.

I hope you have all had a lovely week, weekend and Father’s Day!

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  1. June 19, 2016 / 7:09 pm

    Lovely post! Ive never played GTA but for some reason i really want to haha! Sounds like you had a great week! Btw your really pretty x

    • June 21, 2016 / 8:30 pm

      hahaha it’s so fun! I didn’t get very far though. I’m not much of a pro yet! thanks sweetie 🙂 xo

  2. Kyia Belle
    June 20, 2016 / 12:38 am

    Sounds like you had such a nice week! I love going to baby showers as they are always so much fun- and it gets you out of the house, haha! Great post 🙂

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