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Make Your Stamp with A Lamp

Okay, so since I’m going to have my own dedicated desk (in work) next week I’ve been searching for little bits that I can use to decorate and personalise my work space. One thing we’ve been asked to get to put our own little stamp on our desk, and that is a lamp.

Throughout the company it has been decided that we’re getting a certain amount reimbursed for the price of our lamp – which I think is a super cute idea, that way we can go out and chose our own lamp instead of them giving us all the same, generic desk lamps.

I’ve seen quite a few that I like, some being generic desk lamps – others being weird and wonderful, and I just thought I’d share my favourites with you. You know, incase you’re ever in need of some lamp ideas *insert smirky face emoji here*.

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Amelia Table Lamp £15.99 | Stag Table Lamp £49.50 | Copper Effect Desk Lamp £20 | Unicorn Desk Lamp £11.99 | Butterfly Ball Table Lamp £15.99

They’re all from your well-known homeware shops; Dunelm, Asda Living etc and I feel that most of them are reasonably priced.

The one I picked up in the end was the Butterfly Ball Lamp from Dunelm, I orginially went in store to get the Amelia Table Lamp but changed my mind in store – I’m much more of a butterfly kinda gal.

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