Liverpool Shopping Adventure

Last week mumma and I took a little trip futher out than usual. Even though Liverpool is just on our doorstep, I haven’t been in months and mumma hasn’t been in years. So we thought it would be nice for a little change. With my birthday quickly approaching, she decided that she would like to take me shopping for some new clothes. So she suggested Liverpool. We were going to go the Saturday before my birthday but with my birthday being on a Sunday and Nathan’s birthday being the day before mine we decided against that. Not only because I would want to spend the day with Nathan but also, we decided we wanted to go and have a mumma-daughter day.

We planned our day a little earlier because as always, I usually spend the Saturday afternoon with her but the train journey to Liverpool is around about an hour. So, I got to mum’s around 10am and we got the 10:30 train from our local station. We had one change and only had to wait around 10-15 minutes for that and got to Liverpool just before 12pm. We headed to Liverpool one and straight into Topshop. I had a few things in mind which I wanted to pick up, which was a new bag because my trusty old Primark handbag is a little worse for wear. Although they’re great for the price, they don’t last so long – especially when you use it everyday. The others were a leather or leather-look jacket and some ripped mom jeans.

I picked up a few bits and bobs from Topshop and I decided I probably should try them on because I like so much just on the hangers but I am so fussy when it comes to how they look on me. I ended up taking about 6-7 things with me in the changing room but only coming out with 3 and although I loved everything I took in with me. I wasn’t too fussed when I tried them all on and I told myself I wanted to get the things that wowed me. Although I picked up a pair of ripped mom jeans (which were on my list) the size I picked up didn’t fit me and I couldn’t find the size up on the rails which sucked. I walked out of the store with a bardot style dress, a strappy skater dress and a t-shirt from the sale.

We planned on getting my boobs measured whilst we were in the city because my bra’s have gotten a little small on me lately. We headed to John Lewis for a nose around the beauty section and decided to take advantage of their Lingerie fitting service. Only to be told my boobs have grown 2 cup sizes – which totally shocked me and then obviously, I had to get some new bra’s. We picked a couple up from New Look along with a blush pink turtle neck jumper, which is majorly cosy. Great for a casual ‘I clearly can’t be bothered today’ kind of look. Nathan says it reminds him of something off Saved by the Bell.

We then headed to one of the pubs for some grub and a well deserved sit down. I had a chick and bacon burger with some fries whilst mum opted for a cheese and ham toastie. It was so nice to just chill, and plan the afternoon out a little. We decided that we’d head back to Liverpool one to to the rest of our shopping and stop at a few shops on the way, before walking back up to Liverpool Central and pop into Primark before catching the train home.

Obviously, I couldn’t wait to head to Urban Outfitters, although I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t love more things in there, I walked out with a cute pair of grey trousers which are going to look good for a smart-casual outfit in work. I want to get a nice pair of black sliders to pair with these because I think they will look cute.

I picked up my leather-look jacket from Zara, along with a cropped white box styled blouse in white to go with my trousers from UO, and a cute pink patterned t-shirt from their Autumn/Winter collection. Although I usually love Zara I’m a little unimpressed because when I got home and tried the white blouse on, one of the buttons broke. They are just so flimsy so I’m thinking I might pick up some more and replace all of them to save me worrying about the others breaking. We had a quick nose around a few other shops in Liverpool One, which included the Disney Store, Victoria’s Secret and HMV before heading out and back towards the train station.

Before heading to Primark, we quickly popped into River Island to nose at the bags. I’m so plain when it comes to hand bags, I always end up with the safe black coloured bag which is good to match with pretty much everything. What did I walk out with? A safe black handbag – as always. I need to be a little more adventurous when it comes to bags I think and step out of my comfort zone a little, maybe next time?

Primark saw me go crazy, everybody loves a bit of Primark don’t they? After snooting through the whole 3 floors I walked out with about 6 bra’s, some cute new pants, a pair of shoes, 2 tops, a shirt, a bomber jacket, a dress, pop socks and a few bits and bobs for my desk in work. As I say, I’m loving Primark lately. They have so many cute items, if I’d have spent more time in there I definitely could have added a few more thingsto my basket. But my feet were starting to hurt, and my mum was definitely getting a little bit tired and fed up of me what seemed to be dragging her around.

We then headed for the train and back home, where we stopped in mums favourite bar to have a quick breather and a well deserved alcoholic beverage before heading for a takeaway on the way home. All in all, I had an absolute ball of a day, mumma and I had such a laugh and it was super nice to have a change of scenery, and I think I did pretty well on the shopping side too.



Sunday Thoughts #11

What a wonderful week.

7 days and counting until my birthday.

My beautiful niece was welcomed into the world on Tuesday, the hottest day of the year. I had the day off, so I spent the day looking after her big sister which was so much fun. It was nice to spend time just me and her. We played tea parties and watched endless amounts of CeeBeebies before getting a message at around 4pm to say that mother and baby were all okay. They both came home on Thursday and I got to meet baby Evie Sophia on Friday night after work, she is just perfect.

Thursday I had a bit of a crappy day in work, I just wasn’t feeling too good but when I came into work on Friday I had an amazing surprise. Although my last day in work (before my holiday) was today, Friday was the last day with the girls on my team before my birthday break. I literally almost cried when I came into work to find my desk all decorated with banners and confetti, along with cards and presents. How lovely are they? When my team leader came in with cupcakes – well that just topped it all off. They are such lovely girls, as I have said before I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of girls if I tried.  It got me so excited for my birthday. I hadn’t really thought a lot about it because that usually makes the time drag. But we decided that my birthday started from then.

Yesterday mumma and I headed out earlyish and decided on a change of scenery – we headed to Liverpool. We went for a mumma-daughter bonding day shopping and I have to say she completely spoilt me. We had so much fun, it was nice to do something completely different than normal. We wandered around for hours and I showed her all my favourite little spots in Liverpool. She hasn’t been in years, even though it’s kind of on our door step. We came home with bags full. But, lets not go into that too much, you’ll find out more in the near future. But, I went for my boobs measured because my bra’s have been getting a little tight lately, only to be informed that my boobs have grown 2 cup sizes and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it. So I’ve had to completely clear out all my bra’s and get a whole new collection. Which has its upsides – new cute bra’s but also I had to throw out a few of my favourites which was sad.

Today, I have worked a small shift before Nathan and I’s two weeks off. I can’t wait to just chill it’s going to be so nice. Lauren picked me up from work and came around for an hour or so to have a little catch up. The whole hour just ended up in us being in hysterics over stupid little jokes and puns. We had some of the cupcakes that my TL made for my birthday on Friday, they we’re scrumptious. Now I’m chilled out on the sofa ready for a nice little cosy night in.

All in all, this week has been pretty great. I hope you have had a great week and are ready to fight those Monday blues tomorrow.




H&M Homeware Basket

As always, I was browsing online at bits and bobs for birthday present ideas for one of my girls who’s birthday is coming up next month. I was just looking through the accessories section of H&M’s website when I noticed the ‘Home’ section and thought to myself ‘why haven’t I looked at their homeware before?’. I have literally never come across it before – does this mean that I have been living under a rock for the last 6 months? I think so.

The stuff is absolutely amazing – and so affordable. I literally ended up with a basket full, whoops! With birthday’s and events coming up I wasn’t able to go to the checkout (oh how having to adult hurts) but I still thought I would share the beauties that I found. Who knows, I might even have a little spare cash at the end of the month and be able to purchase a few things.

Shelf unit £14.99; Metal basket £14.99; Small tealight holder £1.99; Patterned cushion cover £7.99; Small porcelain bowl £4.99; Small porcelain mug £4.99; Dishcloth £1.99; 2-pack porcelain mugs £12.99; Metal photo frame£12.99; Cotton cushion cover £3.99

literally fell in love and I am definitely going to be making a purchase in the future at some point. I’m hoping to decorate and paint some furniture in the next couple of months so a few new homeware pieces would finish that off perfectly.


Sunday Thoughts #10


The count down has begun; it’s my birthday in 14 days! But not just any birthday, I’m going to be 21! I still can’t believe it – I feel like I should still be in college or high school discussing all of the latest gossip with my friends, fooling around in my art lessons and planning a sleepover on the weekend. But no, instead I’m sitting in my own home, sorting all my bills out, whilst organising what Nathan and I are going to have for tea later. It just myths me, how grown up I must look on the outside, when all I can think about is snuggling up in bed with a cup of tea deciding which Disney film to watch.

still need to decorate my desk in work, it’s just so bare. My lamp looks so lonely and sad, I need to get my ass into gear and order/make some cute little decorations and get some pictures printed off to make it look homely. My phone is absolutely bust now, the screen doesn’t work at all which makes me sad -payday I’m going to have to get it fixed because I am so lost without it. My contract runs out soon and I’m going to upgrade. I will get a protective case, screen cover and take out insurance on my new phone – you would think that I would have learnt by now, but clearly not.

Anyway, how has your week been? I hope it has treated you well. In all honesty, mine has been pretty boring. I haven’t done a lot apart from work and visit family. I have done a hell of a lot of online shopping with birthdays coming up. The next few weeks is so busy for birthdays. Talking about birthdays, it was Nathans youngest brothers 18th birthday on Thursday. We had a little family gathering in his Nanna’s which was lovely. Nathan’s mum taught me how to play Trumps – the card game – I had honestly never heard of it before. I ended up whooping everyone’s ass by the time we had finished. I had the day off work Friday and worked Saturday instead as my mum keeps moaning that she can’t get my birthday presents because I’m always with her on a Saturday and that’s the only day off work that she gets so I worked until 5  to let her do some shopping before meeting her after work for a little while. My dad and his side of my family have gone away in the caravan to Weymouth for around a week or so. But knowing him, they will probably end up staying longer. My dad loves caravanning it’s kind of cute really, any time he gets the chance and the weather is planning on being nice – even if it’s just for a couple of nights – they head off in the caravan to a different part of the country.

Literally nothing exciting has happened this week, and that actually doesn’t bother me. I had a busy week last week with everything I had going on, and the end of the month is going to be busy so it has been nice to just chill out. As much as I love my job, I can’t wait for my two weeks off over my birthday which is coming up. I can’t wait to have spontaneous days out, or even just chilling and doing sweet nothing. It’s going to be so nice.

Today Nathan and I have been for a nice walk, the weather has been beautiful before popping to town and going to visit his family. It’s so nice spending time with his family, they’re amazing people. We chilled out for a little while at his Mum’s house before coming home to chill. Lauren popped around not long ago with some ‘sand castle’ cakes with cute little handmade flags in, they are lush – Lauren is the queen of cakes. Her cakes are always gorgeous – the perfect way to end the weekend.

Until next week…

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20 Gifts £20 & Under – For Her

I love browsing the web for random stuff – I always end up spending hours nosing online. It’s just so convenient isn’t it? All of these wonderful shops at our finger tips. You can spend the entire amount of your bank balance without having to step out of your front door.

I have so many friends who are summer babies so whilst searching for the perfect gifts for them, I thought why not put together a little gift guide!

Friends Sleep Tee £20; Romantic Floral Dial Watch £12.99; Vintage Peony Garland £5; The Happy Notes £7.62; Happy Daze £16.50; Floral Skater Dress £7.99; Crown Gold Slim Pen £7; Pointer Sling Back Flats £20; Pretty Things Make Up Bag £3.50; Peg & Rope Picture Frame £6; Cat Print Cushion £16; Solar Earrings Multipack £16; Scrapbook Kit £9; Enchanted Forest Colouring Book £9.95; Kitty Shades £16; Pressed Flower Phone Case £10; Ceramic Travel Cup £12;  This Bag Contains Tote £12.50; Rose Gold Make Up Brushes £4.95; Make Up Revolution Flawless Palette £8.

So yes, all of the above are £20 or under (most are under). Take a gander and let me know which are your favourites!

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Sunday Thoughts #9


I’m quite disappointed with myself this week because I have been pushing to write a post half-heartedly.Which ending up in me scrapping it at the last minute because it just felt forced, and that’s not what I’m about. So, I apologise that there has been no midweek post – but I’d rather none than something I haven’t put my whole heart into.

Let’s start from the beginning. Monday saw Nathan go back to Sheffield for the last week of his Bakery apprenticeship. Which meant I was home alone for a few nights, I can’t even cope being home alone for half a day never mind 4 nights! Atleast it’s it’s the last, so he keeps saying. But I coped, I had to reply on other people to get back and to from work which I hate – I can’t wait until I pass my test. The next couple of days were just a blur, back and to fro, work and sleeping. Wednesday, I spent the evening with my girl, Lauren. I met her from work and we were planning on treating ourselves to a take away and a night in to watch the football but that went a little pear shaped and we ended up going out for pizza and watching the Semi Finals in town. I was absolutely gutted that Wales lost but still so proud of how far they have come. Not to mention the passion they put into all of the games they played. After watching the match we gathered in the streets, which was an amazing atmosphere even though the outcome didn’t go in our favour. It was amazing. There were flares, people on each others shoulders and a huge amount of singing and chanting!

Thursday I woke up to a message that Nathan would be home earlier than expected, he was coming home that night! After work I headed over to the supermarket after work and got myself some tan and lashes ready for the Races after work on Friday. Before heading home to prepare. I showered and tanned before jumping into bed for a quick nanna-nap because I knew Nathan was going to be home late. I woke up to snuggles, which was the best feeling. We stayed up late to catch up on how our week had gone so far before heading to bed around 1.00am. Friday, I headed into work early with all of my things for the races, but I still hadn’t got a bag! Nathan headed to town to try and pick up one that I’d seen online in New Look whilst I was in work. He ended up going all the way to Chester for it because they didn’t have it in stock in our local one – what a babe. I started my make up at around 3pm inbetween calls to save rushing when I finished. Luckily, fate was on my side because it went quiet as I started my eyeliner – it could have been a disaster honestly. Before I knew it it was 5pm and my time to log out and finish getting ready before heading down into the bar to join everybody. We thanked and congratulated our managers for all they have done for us. Even though I haven’t been there long, there is still so much to thank them for – they are truly amazing people. It was so nice to see everybody pull together to get them gifts and to see how grateful they were was just so lovely. Around 6:30pm it was time to get on the coaches and head to Chester for the bulk of our entertainment that evening. We were on the winning post, which was amazing. I didn’t put a bet on, but I enjoyed myself so much. Everybody was so lovely, and when we got to The Live rooms there was so much dancing and singing. I headed back early with one of the girls from my training team – well I say early it was around 12am. I met Nathan in town with some of his friends from work and I carried on the party with them before getting home early hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday, my feet were ruined from my shoes the night before. So it was a day of comfy clothes and shoes. I went to see my mum for a few hours and we shopped for my new baby niece who will be here by the end of next week! If you haven’t guessed already Saturday afternoons with mumma are ritual. I headed off early though because we had a family fiends birthday party that evening. One of the girls I have grown up with is turning 18 which is mad, talking to her mum she couldn’t get over that I am 21 at the end of the month. Time just flies, doesn’t it? I opted out of drinking because I was feeling a little fragile and absolutely knackered from the night before – but I still enjoyed myself. Today, have been on a nice little walk around Chester. We ended up going on a cute little coffee date, which we haven’t done in forever before coming home to chill out. As you can tell, I’ve had a pretty busy weekend! I hope you’ve all have a lovely week! Happy Sunday my lovelies.

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Sunday Thoughts #8

I cannot believe we have passed the half way mark in 2016 already, where is the time going? I have to say this week has been eventful. I have been so busy, I’m exhausted.
Work has flown this week, Monday was my first day away from the training team – I love it! The girls on my team are amazing, they’re so nice and lovely. I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of girls if i tried. Wednesday, saw us moving from the old office buildings to the brand new office building and my god it is amazing. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen – we have a bar and a tree house. Who could want anything more in the work place? Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the chill out area with humongous bean bags. Yesterday, I trained on my first Saturday shift. Although, initially I applied for a Monday to Friday position I am going to be doing a weekend shift every week for the next few weeks. It doesn’t really bother me because its only temporary, so if I ever want to do over time or help out on a weekend – I’ll have the training to do it. Going back on the training team was weird – it was like we had never left. The ladies on the training team are awesome!

Wednesday saw Nathan’s brother turn 21. It’s mad because I remember the night he turned 18 like it was yesterday – oh how naive we were. We went for a meal in the evening and celebrated it as a family. His cake  was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – a replica of his knee after his op last month. Hospital blanket and everything! I had a good ol’ portion of bangers and mash. My favourite. Thursday, I met up with two of my gals from college/school to go for some food and a little catch up – oh how I enjoy seeing them. We always leave it way too long in between meet ups and end up chatting the night away. We went to a local pub and took advantage of the 2 for 1 offer – we got an extra meal to share. Its safe to say I was stuffed not even half way through and ended up leaving half of my meal. But it definitely didn’t disappoint, everybody loves a bit of pub grub now and again. I had the day off on Friday, so I had a little wander around town and picked up a few things for birthdays coming up before making a trip to my dads. We took a spontaneous trip to Southport to look at a car. Which is a little beauty – hopefully my little beauty by the end of the day.

Friday night saw the might Wales football team the game against Belgium and we’re now in the SEMI FINALS of the Euros*insert stupidly happy smiley emoji here* I am sooo happy, and so proud of the boys over in France. They are doing us very proud! Cymru am byth.

Today sees Nathan and I chilling out – as always. I need to go and get a few bits and bobs to finish off my outfit for the races. So I think we are going to head to a local retail park soon. I still need to get ready whoops. I better go and sort myself out. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and have an even more wonderful Sunday.

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