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Sunday Thoughts #8

Sunday Thoughts #8

I cannot believe we have passed the half way mark in 2016 already, where is the time going? I have to say this week has been eventful. I have been so busy, I’m exhausted.
Work has flown this week, Monday was my first day away from the training team – I love it! The girls on my team are amazing, they’re so nice and lovely. I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of girls if i tried. Wednesday, saw us moving from the old office buildings to the brand new office building and my god it is amazing. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen – we have a bar and a tree house. Who could want anything more in the work place? Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the chill out area with humongous bean bags. Yesterday, I trained on my first Saturday shift. Although, initially I applied for a Monday to Friday position I am going to be doing a weekend shift every week for the next few weeks. It doesn’t really bother me because its only temporary, so if I ever want to do over time or help out on a weekend – I’ll have the training to do it. Going back on the training team was weird – it was like we had never left. The ladies on the training team are awesome!

Wednesday saw Nathan’s brother turn 21. It’s mad because I remember the night he turned 18 like it was yesterday – oh how naive we were. We went for a meal in the evening and celebrated it as a family. His cake  was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – a replica of his knee after his op last month. Hospital blanket and everything! I had a good ol’ portion of bangers and mash. My favourite. Thursday, I met up with two of my gals from college/school to go for some food and a little catch up – oh how I enjoy seeing them. We always leave it way too long in between meet ups and end up chatting the night away. We went to a local pub and took advantage of the 2 for 1 offer – we got an extra meal to share. Its safe to say I was stuffed not even half way through and ended up leaving half of my meal. But it definitely didn’t disappoint, everybody loves a bit of pub grub now and again. I had the day off on Friday, so I had a little wander around town and picked up a few things for birthdays coming up before making a trip to my dads. We took a spontaneous trip to Southport to look at a car. Which is a little beauty – hopefully my little beauty by the end of the day.

Friday night saw the might Wales football team the game against Belgium and we’re now in the SEMI FINALS of the Euros*insert stupidly happy smiley emoji here* I am sooo happy, and so proud of the boys over in France. They are doing us very proud! Cymru am byth.

Today sees Nathan and I chilling out – as always. I need to go and get a few bits and bobs to finish off my outfit for the races. So I think we are going to head to a local retail park soon. I still need to get ready whoops. I better go and sort myself out. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and have an even more wonderful Sunday.

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