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Loneliness & The Races | Sunday Thoughts


Let’s start from the beginning. Monday saw Nathan go back to Sheffield for the last week of his Bakery apprenticeship. Which meant I was home alone for a few nights, I can’t even cope being home alone for half a day never mind 4 nights! Atleast it’s it’s the last, so he keeps saying. But I coped, I had to reply on other people to get back and to from work which I hate – I can’t wait until I pass my test. The next couple of days were just a blur, back and to from work and sleeping. Wednesday, I spent the evening with my girl, Lauren. I met her from work and we were planning on treating ourselves to a take away and a night in to watch the football but that went a little pear shaped and we ended up going out for pizza and watching the Semi Finals in town. I was absolutely gutted that Wales lost but still so proud of how far they have come. Not to mention the passion they put into all of the games they played. After watching the match we gathered in the streets, which was an amazing atmosphere even though the outcome didn’t go in our favour. It was amazing. There were flares, people on each others shoulders and a huge amount of singing and chanting!

Thursday I woke up to a message that Nathan would be home earlier than expected, he was coming home that night! After work I headed over to the supermarket after work and got myself some tan and lashes ready for the Races after work on Friday. Before heading home to prepare. I showered and tanned before jumping into bed for a quick nanna-nap because I knew Nathan was going to be home late. I woke up to snuggles, which was the best feeling. We stayed up late to catch up on how our week had gone so far before heading to bed around 1.00am. Friday, I headed into work early with all of my things for the races, but I still hadn’t got a bag! Nathan headed to town to try and pick up one that I’d seen online in New Look whilst I was in work. He ended up going all the way to Chester for it because they didn’t have it in stock in our local one – what a babe.

I started my make up at around 3pm inbetween calls to save rushing when I finished. Luckily, fate was on my side because it went quiet as I started my eyeliner – it could have been a disaster honestly. Before I knew it it was 5pm and my time to log out and finish getting ready before heading down into the bar to join everybody. We thanked and congratulated our managers for all they have done for us. Even though I haven’t been there long, there is still so much to thank them for – they are truly amazing people. It was so nice to see everybody pull together to get them gifts and to see how grateful they were was just so lovely. Around 6:30pm it was time to get on the coaches and head to Chester for the bulk of our entertainment that evening. We were on the winning post, which was amazing. I didn’t put a bet on, but I enjoyed myself so much. Everybody was so lovely, and when we got to The Live rooms there was so much dancing and singing. I headed back early with one of the girls from my training team – well I say early it was around 12am. I met Nathan in town with some of his friends from work and I carried on the party with them before getting home early hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday, my feet were ruined from my shoes the night before. So it was a day of comfy clothes and shoes. I went to see my mum for a few hours and we shopped for my new baby niece who will be here by the end of next week! If you haven’t guessed already Saturday afternoons with mumma are ritual. I headed off early though because we had a family fiends birthday party that evening. One of the girls I have grown up with is turning 18 which is mad, talking to her mum she couldn’t get over that I am 21 at the end of the month. Time just flies, doesn’t it? I opted out of drinking because I was feeling a little fragile and absolutely knackered from the night before – but I still enjoyed myself. Today, have been on a nice little walk around Chester. We ended up going on a cute little coffee date, which we haven’t done in forever before coming home to chill out. As you can tell, I’ve had a pretty busy weekend! I hope you’ve all have a lovely week! Happy Sunday my lovelies.

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