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I’m a Fiancée, with a Licence?! | Sunday Thoughts

I don’t even know where to start with this post. I have had the most amazing week it is unbelievable. I missed last weeks Sunday Thoughts post because it fell on my birthday and to be fair – I was quite hungover.

Warning – be prepared for a lot of rambling on, because I have a lot to share!

Last week flew and before we knew it, it was Friday night and I was eagerly waiting for 12am to hit so I could wish Nathan a happy birthday, lame I know. 12 am hit, I wished him a happy birthday and shortly after we went to bed – I swear I get more excited for his birthday than he does! We woke up on Saturday morning and I gave him his gifts, we got up and got ready because on Nathan’s birthday it’s become ritual that we head for a Frankie and Benny’s breakfast to start the day off right. We both had egg’s benedict which was out of this world as always. We then headed to his mum’s house to visit them, and a visit to his Nanna’s followed. Nathan decided to go shopping whilst I went for my eyelashes done as we were going for a family meal in the evening before heading out for a night of drinks with our friends. The meal started around 6pm, and both of our families piled in. I pre booked the meal because there was 30 of us all together. After food which was gorgeous, but not very well organised – we had 10-15 minute waits in between different meals coming out which was a little disappointing because by the time Nathan was brought his food most people had nearly finished, Nathan asked me to go outside with him as he would like to speak to me in private. It was all a bit of a blur but he proposed!!! He was down on one knee and everything, it was the cutest thing ever. I said yes, of course – he is undoubtedly my soul mate. When I got back in the room it appears that my Dad and Step Mum knew, as well as his Mum, Step Dad and Nanna. I walked into the room and my Dad looked at me with a grin bigger than the Cheshire cat’s and I matched it. Everyone was cheering although a lot of them didn’t know why, I held my hand out and the cheers echoed. Nathan’s Mum was in tears and my Nanna was bursting with pride. The atmosphere was just amazing. Shortly after a champagne toast a pictures, our taxi arrived and we headed into town for more celebrations. I was literally speechless, people were talking to me and asking me all sorts of questions and I just did not know what to say – I was just so happy.

I woke up to my alarm on Sunday morning – at 7:30am, ouch after just 4 hours sleep because mumma was coming round at 8 before she had to go to work. She turned up a little early, it’s a good job I was half way though pouring a cup of coffee because I think we both needed it! She struggled through the door with my gifts bless her – so I put down the kettle to give her a hand. Well, I forced my hand (ring) in her face before I did any sort of helping and she was over the moon. I helped her in and finished pouring the coffee before diving on the sofa to have a catch up whilst opening my gifts. Before I knew it, it was almost time for her to leave so I quickly woke Nathan as she wanted to congratulate us both together. He was definitely a little worse for wear. Anyway, she headed off to work and the rest of the day was just visits from family; my Dad came along with my Nanna and little brother. Nathan’s Mum came along with Nathan’s younger siblings and Nanna and then my girl, Lauren came around twice – once with gifts and the second time with cookies. What a babe. She actually made heart shaped cookies with ‘KN’ – Nathan and I’s initials – on, how adorable is she? P.s they went down well as hangover food! I’m not going to go on about my gifts as I’m half way through writing a separate little post on them. Sunday evening saw us head off for another family meal, this time with my mumma, Step Dad and my Sister’s little family. We headed to a local pub for some well needed hangover food. We celebrated before heading home – it was super nice to have my Mum’s side of the family all together, my two nieces are out of this world – they’re so beautiful!

Nathan’s Nanna headed into hospital for an operation on Tuesday so we’ve spent a lot of the week going back and too to visit her. We popped out into Liverpool to do a bit of shopping on the Tuesday but didn’t come back with much. Thursday I had a little surprise for everyone – I booked my driving test on the sneak and only told Nathan and my dad. I PASSED!! It wasn’t my first attempt, but I did it! I definitely agree that nerves over rule anything when it comes to things like that. Everyone sits and says just don’t think about it or just don’t let it get to you but it’s virtually impossible. It’s all about making sure you’re in the right mind set for it. Anyway, I phoned my Dad and told him the news and other people in my family. I really wanted to ring Nathan’s Mum to tell his side of the family but Nathan thought that it would be a nice surprise for his Nanna if I waited until we went to visit her in the evening to tell everybody – so that’s what I did. I headed to my Dad’s to sort my car insurance out before heading to the hospital to tell Nathan’s family. They we’re over the moon for me. It has been such an emotional week I can’t even describe the emotions, it’s one of them where you have to see people’s faces. I drove to put petrol in my car on my own when we got back from the hospital. It was dark by this time so the roads were quiet and it was so weird, but nice to be driving my own car, on my own. It was kind of surreal.

Friday, after visiting Nanna I headed back to spend sometime with one of my girls, Dani. We decided on a little cinema trip to watch one of our childhood favourites all grown up – the BFG – it was amazing. I loved it. Whizbang’s and all. I went a little early to park because that’s the only thing I’m not confident about. I can definitely park, I just over think it and become anxious about it which really doesn’t help. But I got there and I did it, even if I did park about 10 miles from any car in sight.  It was lovely to catch up with her. We always say we need to do it more often, but we both have such busy lives. Yesterday, I ordered a desk finally! I have been saying for months that I want a desk but I have just never gotten around to it – now I have one, it’s still in the boot of my car I just need to transform into a little DIY Queen because it’s flat pack. In the afternoon I spent some time with mumma before heading to the cinema with Nathan, his younger brother Taylor and cousin Kai to watch Suicide Squad and I absolutely loved it. Queue Halloween where 99% of the female population dress up as Harley Quinn. It was amazing, I actually want to go and see it again. Is that bad?

Today is going to be a chill day, I have writing to do – as well as playing catch up on some of my favourite blogs because I just haven’t had time. I told you this would be a long one didn’t I? Until next week my lovelies…


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11 responses to “I’m a Fiancée, with a Licence?! | Sunday Thoughts”

  1. Sarah Murphy says:

    Congratulation again beautiful! I read this with the biggest smile on my face, it sounds like everyone is so happy for you and you totally deserve all the love and happiness!

    I hope this week continues to be filled with happy moments for you 🙂

    Sarah xo // seethestars.co.uk

  2. thebeautyanalystblog says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect week 😘💕 xxxxx

  3. Shelleen says:

    Big congratulations! 🙂
    Shelleen | A Blushing Beauty Blogx

  4. Ashwini says:

    Congratulations! Your week sounds incredible. I get really excited about birthdays too.

  5. Hollie Ann says:

    What an amazing week! I can’t believe you’re engaged, congratulations!



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