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Back To Reality | Sunday Thoughts

We’re back to reality and breathe.

After last weeks hectic week, it was kind of surreal to get back into my normal routine of work but at the same time it was nice. It made it feel like it was all actually real. Monday was my first day back in work. It was so weird having the reality of driving to work myself! I left a little early to make sure I didn’t panic about parking. When I arrived, I was greeted by Congratulations banners on my desk with a few little presents and cards. I think I say this every week and it’s getting old news now but I love the girls! I just love them, okay? They’re amazing.

From then on it’s been a pretty normal week; I’ve spent a lot of time with Nathan’s younger brother Taylor this week. He came around on Wednesday to help me build my desk which was hilarious. It was like something from Dumb and Dumber! Online I read that it should take one person an hour to build the whole thing – 2 people and 2 hours later and we have only just managed to get the drawers together! We’re not the king and queen of DIY – clearly. You can imagine how long it took us to actually get the whole thing together. He also came around on Friday whilst Nathan worked because I needed to take some things to the skip and didn’t know how to get there but he did, so he was like my own personal SatNav and then we spent the whole day Pokémon hunting – like you do. Literally all day, from about 11am until 9pm? We walked around the village that I live in about 3 times, our local town and where my dad lives too! I think it’s safe to say my phone battery is destroyed now.

I worked Saturday which meant that I was not able to go and see mumma, but after work I went to look after my little brother for a few hours so my Dad and Step-Mum were able to go out. We watched a few home videos from like 6-8 years ago we’re cringey but also super cute – wended up watching 2 Christmases, a school sports day, 2 summer holidays and a birthday. We also went Pokémon hunting – do you get the vibe that I’m a little addicted to Pokémon Go? because I kind of am…

Today I’m gonna actually get out of bed sometime soon, get sorted and maybe do a little cleaning or I may stay here and just finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I am so close to the end I just don’t want it to be over; before I go and see mumma when she finishes work at 2pm. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!


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  1. Joey says:

    Congratulations!! Amazing news, in other news how is the Harry Potter book? is it a good book xx


  2. Anna says:

    That business venture sounds exciting! Keep us posted girl and good luck! 🙂 x


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