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Sunday Thoughts #14

Sunday Thoughts #14

I couldn’t bring myself to write a Sunday Thoughts post last week, because I had one of those weeks, I just wasn’t feeling motivated. I was fed up because our washing machine had broke, so bye-bye money! I was tired because I had been working evenings all week. You get the gist, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Instead of pushing myself to write a post, I went for a walk along the river with 3 most important men in my life; my Dad, Brother and Nathan. Which was super nice and relaxing – until we realised how many Pokémon were about!

This week it’s a beautiful day, although I’m a little tired and definitely skint. I’m feeling a lot more positive. I have my new washing machine – who knew that a washing machine could make someone so happy? I’m definitely turning into an adult. This week’s flown by, and I’m looking forward to having the bank holiday off work although it sucks that Nathan has to work.

It’s been a pretty normal week, nothing out of the norm. Mumma and I went to bingo last night, we obviously didn’t win because I’m still skint; but, it was lovely to spend some time with her after work. This morning it was nice to laze around and not have to get out of bed.

To be honest, I don’t really have much to update you on, so it’s a short and sweet post this week to give you a heads up that I’m still here. I’ve been enjoying reading others posts and not stressing about my own lately. Although I had my mid week post all written out but I hadn’t had time to take pictures, which for once hasn’t stressed me out. I’m feeling very laid back – which probably isn’t the best as I’m falling behind. But I have to remember this is just a hobby, the day that my blog becomes a burden is the day I take a break.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, and are looking to make the most out of the bank holiday! If you have any plans, let me know I’d love to hear!



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