Frozen – Lush Bathbomb Review

I have found a new Lush favourite, I was bought it by a friend for my birthday. It’s sparkly and although it makes me feel more like a mermaid than a snow queen, it does exactly what it says on the tin – or bag?

It looks exactly how you would imagine a Frozen inspirited bath bomb to look, and icy blue with a darker blue band around the middle. It is coated with a slight layer of lustre which leave a beautiful shine in the water.

“Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play? Enjoy the most magical soak in the kingdom with this shimmering blue bath bomb, which spills out rolling snowdrifts of silver lustre. Uplifting neroli from Tunisia and precious rose oil from Turkey are sure to spread a little sunshine and melt the iciest of moods. If your day’s felt like a series of doors in your face, this shiny, sky blue bomb filled with sparkle provides the perfect fairytale ending. Step in, take a deep breath and let it go.”


As all other bath bombs I’ve tried from the fairyland which is a Lush store, it 100% relaxed me from head to toe after a long day of shopping with my mum, which is quiet possibly the most stressful thing I have ever experienced. It’s smells beautiful and very sweet – which I wasn’t expecting. It leaves the water a crystal icy blue, with all of the shimmers you could think of.

But psssst…make sure you rinse the tub as it leaves the bottom a pearlescent colour after you pull the plug.



Sunday Thoughts #18

The weeks are going by so fast, it’s scary. It feel like it was only my birthday yesterday, but it was almost 2 months ago now, where has that time gone? I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s just disappeared.

This week has gone pretty quick, Monday I spent the evening after work dropping off people’s orders. Pretty boring I know, but before I knew it, it was Tuesday and I was on my way to the Sleepy Panda after work with the girls. The Sleepy Panda is a local Chinese restaurant, the four of us headed there for a night of gossip and great Chinese food. It was so nice to sit and talk and now have to worry about the phones ringing. We had a platter for starters,veg in consisted of chicken skewers, seaweed, vegetable spring rolls, and of course, prawn toast and duck pancakes. For my main I had beef in oyster sauce, which was beautiful. It was nice to have a Chinese with veg in for once, whenever Nathan and I have Chinese I have to order it without veg, because Nathan’s so fussy.

Wednesday I visited my dad, after sitting in traffic for half an hour on the way there. I hate traffic, it makes me anxious. Thursday, I chilled at home with Nathan before my 11 hour day of work on Friday. I decided to do some overtime because Nathan was working until 8:30 anyway, so I worked until 8pm before coming home to my girl Lauren at my front door. Which was super nice, because she brought Cadbury’s Pots of Joy – my fave.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon shopping with Ma, as she goes to Portugal (again) next weekend! It was nice to run her around for once, and not her running me around. We had a nice afternoon, I came home and enduldged in a lush bath! Today, I’m going to go and get ready in a minute, and then I’m going to my dads to arrange my brothers birthday next month.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! 

Sunday Thoughts #17

Good afternoon my little beauties, I’ve had such a lovely week. Monday through Friday was the norm, work. But Nathan was in Sheffield Wednesday through Friday, so I spent the evenings chilled, working on my beauty business and writing up new post idea’s.

Friday was my TL’s last day in work before she goes on maternity leave, which was emotional even though I have only known her 2 months. We have gotten rather close, and then Friday night work put on a private screening in our local Odeon of Bridget Jones’s Baby. Okay, lets rewind. On Tuesday or Wednesday an email went around in work to see who would be interested in going and then whoever was, simply replied and the names we’re picked out of a hat. Since the screen definitely wouldn’t fit 500+ employees, I think this was a fun way of picking. When we arrived, we had a bag of sweets, popcorn and a drink sitting on our chairs which was a cute little touch.

The film was hilarious, I think I laughed the whole way through. Everyone loves a bit of Bridget on a Friday evening after a long week in work, it was a perfect touch to finish off the week. I haven’t really done much this weekend, Saturday after noon I spent with mumma as usual. She’s having a new kitchen and bathroom fitted in the week so we moved all of the appliances ready as she’s working all week. It was nice to spend some time at home with her.

Today I woke up extremely excited for Christmas, god only knows why I woke up thinking about Christmas. But, it’s so exciting to know that this is going to me mine and Nathan’s first Christmas in our home. We’re going to need to get decorations and a tree, and this made me majorly excited like I want to go decoration shopping now. So I may just do a little internet shopping, and maybe prepare a little post? Or is it too early?

Who cares, I’m going to spend the day on the sofa in my PJ’s, with my blanket and laptop doing copious amounts of internet shopping and pinning idea’s on the wonderful Pinterest.


The Versatile Blogger Award Tag

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a tag isn’t it? Whilst in work I got an email to advise that the lovely Hollie, from It’s Hollie Ann has nominated me for this – and I got so excited because I’ve been a little bit stuck in a rut with blogging lately, so it’s a nice little surprise and it has lightened my mood considerably.

The challenge is to share seven facts about myself, and then nominate other bloggers to do the same. It’s a fun way to learn more about each other, lets get started!

  1. My favourite animal is a tiger, and has been for as long as I can remember – if you’ve read my 20 things I want to do in my twenties post, you’ll know that I really want to stoke one.
  2. My favourite meal is good old classic bangers and mash, with lots and lots of gravy
  3. I run my own little business venture on this side of my full time job, in which I sell beauty products – I absolutely love it**
  4. I cannot bare bright colours for the life of me – give me neutral’s over neon’s every day!
  5. If asked what football team I support, I always say Manchester United.Even though I barely follow the football, this is probably because my mumma has supported them since she was little.
  6. I love to keep and create scrap books, I have around 6 or 7, but none of them are actually filled.
  7. Even though I’ve passed my driving test, I despise driving and I think that’s just out of fear and anxiety.

I found this really hard to write this post, because most of my interesting facts are in one of my very first blog posts 50 Random Facts, which seems like a decade ago.

I nominate Sarah, Hannah and Kimberley !

All you need to do to take part is make a list of seven facts about yourself and choose your own nominees who’s facts you’d like to read.

Good luck!


**If you are interested in earning some extra money, or your simply just a beauty product lover email me at for more information on becoming a part of my team – it’s free!

Sunday Thoughts #16

Firstly, I need to give myself a slap on the wrist or a kick up the backside because I have been so lazy in the blogging world recently. I have been absolutely disgraceful – and it definitely needs to change. I feel like my heart is just not in it at the moment but I don’t really want to take a break because I love it too much. I enjoy writing these posts every week and updating you all on my life. It’s just all of the other parts, I have posts half written in my drafts, pictures taken but not edited – I need to start reading other blogs again to give me the motivation I need. But the truth is, I just haven’t had the time lately and it suuucks big style. I haven’t taken part in chats which, I think, is a massive reason as to why I am not involved – I miss all of you lovelies! So tonight I am making it priority to join as many chats as possible this week to get my mojo back.

Anyway, the highlight of my week was the absolutely gorgeous meal that we went for last night with Nathan and my family for my Step Mum’s birthday. It’s a small restaurant about 20 minutes out of town called Pen Y Bont Farm. It’s a small farmhouse looking restaurant with their own rotisseries to cook the chicken on display. The prices we’re really reasonable – I would say cheap for the quality of the food. I had the Buttermilk Chicken burger with sweet potato fries and it was lush! Like, amazing, it came on a sesame seed bun with 3 southern fried chicken goujon’s, bacon lettuce and tomato. It was beautiful. The staff we’re beyond friendly, bringing drinks to the table before our glass was empty. Customer service at it’s best. I didn’t manage to get any pictures because my phone died before we’d even got there, how disappointing?

The rest of the week has been the norm, all work and not enough play. Today work held a family fun day which looked absolutely amazing, children’s rides, burger and ice cream vans, a sweet stall and lots of games! The weather held out beautifully, and everyone seemed like they were having a ball. I popped down on my break to have a quick look around and it looked like everyone was enjoying it. The one thing I love about my work place is how much the managers care for you, they always have your best interest at heart and I’ve never come across that in a work place before – that’s what makes it so special.

I’m now finishing off this post, whilst tea is cooking – were having steak tonight yummmm. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, and are ready for the week ahead!


Sunday Thoughts #15!


It’s a late one this afternoon, as I’ve been working! This week has been a little ordinary. I had bank holiday off work, and it was my girl Lauren’s 21st birthday. So I popped around to hers around midday to drop her presents off and say a little happy birthday before she spent the day with family. Let’s just say she was just a little bit worse for wear – bless. But you’re only 21 once, do it with a bang! I spent the afternoon with mumma, we sat in the beer garden because the weather was simply beautiful. But I burnt in less than an hour because I didn’t realise that it was as hot as it was. I spent the evening with Nathan before returning to work on Tuesday for a short day. It was royally busy as fuck because everyone was closed for bank holiday weekend but I finished at 3 and that was such a nice feeling. I went and picked Taylor up and we went for a walk down the National Trust park near us (we caught many Pikachu), and got take away when Nathan finished work. The rest of the working week has been a little dull, nothing has been out of the ordinary.

Saturday I got up super early to take my Dad to look at a van, before doing the norm and spending the afternoon with mumma. Nathan and I then decided we were going on date night, YAAAY date night! We went to TGI Fridays, an old fave and stuff ourselves with chicken wings and sticky bbq ribs until we could move no more. It was super nice to spend some actual time with him, where we both dress nicely and actually make an effort – it was cute. But yeah that’s pretty much it – its been very ordinary apart from our date night last night.

I hope you’ve all had an awesome week! untitled