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Sunday Thoughts #15

Sunday Thoughts #15


It’s a late one this afternoon, as I’ve been working! This week has been a little ordinary. I had bank holiday off work, and it was my girl Lauren’s 21st birthday. So I popped around to hers around midday to drop her presents off and say a little happy birthday before she spent the day with family. Let’s just say she was just a little bit worse for wear – bless. But you’re only 21 once, do it with a bang! I spent the afternoon with mumma, we sat in the beer garden because the weather was simply beautiful. But I burnt in less than an hour because I didn’t realise that it was as hot as it was. I spent the evening with Nathan before returning to work on Tuesday for a short day. It was royally busy as fuck because everyone was closed for bank holiday weekend but I finished at 3 and that was such a nice feeling. I went and picked Taylor up and we went for a walk down the National Trust park near us (we caught many Pikachu), and got take away when Nathan finished work. The rest of the working week has been a little dull, nothing has been out of the ordinary.

Saturday I got up super early to take my Dad to look at a van, before doing the norm and spending the afternoon with mumma. Nathan and I then decided we were going on date night, YAAAY date night! We went to TGI Fridays, an old fave and stuff ourselves with chicken wings and sticky bbq ribs until we could move no more. It was super nice to spend some actual time with him, where we both dress nicely and actually make an effort – it was cute. But yeah that’s pretty much it – its been very ordinary apart from our date night last night.

I hope you’ve all had an awesome week! untitled



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