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Sunday Thoughts #16

Sunday Thoughts #16

Firstly, I need to give myself a slap on the wrist or a kick up the backside because I have been so lazy in the blogging world recently. I have been absolutely disgraceful – and it definitely needs to change. I feel like my heart is just not in it at the moment but I don’t really want to take a break because I love it too much. I enjoy writing these posts every week and updating you all on my life. It’s just all of the other parts, I have posts half written in my drafts, pictures taken but not edited – I need to start reading other blogs again to give me the motivation I need. But the truth is, I just haven’t had the time lately and it suuucks big style. I haven’t taken part in chats which, I think, is a massive reason as to why I am not involved – I miss all of you lovelies! So tonight I am making it priority to join as many chats as possible this week to get my mojo back.

Anyway, the highlight of my week was the absolutely gorgeous meal that we went for last night with Nathan and my family for my Step Mum’s birthday. It’s a small restaurant about 20 minutes out of town called Pen Y Bont Farm. It’s a small farmhouse looking restaurant with their own rotisseries to cook the chicken on display. The prices we’re really reasonable – I would say cheap for the quality of the food. I had the Buttermilk Chicken burger with sweet potato fries and it was lush! Like, amazing, it came on a sesame seed bun with 3 southern fried chicken goujon’s, bacon lettuce and tomato. It was beautiful. The staff we’re beyond friendly, bringing drinks to the table before our glass was empty. Customer service at it’s best. I didn’t manage to get any pictures because my phone died before we’d even got there, how disappointing?

The rest of the week has been the norm, all work and not enough play. Today work held a family fun day which looked absolutely amazing, children’s rides, burger and ice cream vans, a sweet stall and lots of games! The weather held out beautifully, and everyone seemed like they were having a ball. I popped down on my break to have a quick look around and it looked like everyone was enjoying it. The one thing I love about my work place is how much the managers care for you, they always have your best interest at heart and I’ve never come across that in a work place before – that’s what makes it so special.

I’m now finishing off this post, whilst tea is cooking – were having steak tonight yummmm. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, and are ready for the week ahead!



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