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Sunday Thoughts #18

Sunday Thoughts #18

The weeks are going by so fast, it’s scary. It feel like it was only my birthday yesterday, but it was almost 2 months ago now, where has that time gone? I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s just disappeared.

This week has gone pretty quick, Monday I spent the evening after work dropping off people’s orders. Pretty boring I know, but before I knew it, it was Tuesday and I was on my way to the Sleepy Panda after work with the girls. The Sleepy Panda is a local Chinese restaurant, the four of us headed there for a night of gossip and great Chinese food. It was so nice to sit and talk and now have to worry about the phones ringing. We had a platter for starters,veg in consisted of chicken skewers, seaweed, vegetable spring rolls, and of course, prawn toast and duck pancakes. For my main I had beef in oyster sauce, which was beautiful. It was nice to have a Chinese with veg in for once, whenever Nathan and I have Chinese I have to order it without veg, because Nathan’s so fussy.

Wednesday I visited my dad, after sitting in traffic for half an hour on the way there. I hate traffic, it makes me anxious. Thursday, I chilled at home with Nathan before my 11 hour day of work on Friday. I decided to do some overtime because Nathan was working until 8:30 anyway, so I worked until 8pm before coming home to my girl Lauren at my front door. Which was super nice, because she brought Cadbury’s Pots of Joy – my fave.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon shopping with Ma, as she goes to Portugal (again) next weekend! It was nice to run her around for once, and not her running me around. We had a nice afternoon, I came home and enduldged in a lush bath! Today, I’m going to go and get ready in a minute, and then I’m going to my dads to arrange my brothers birthday next month.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! 


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