London Bound

If you have been following my Instagram lately, you’ll know that last weekend I spent a night in London – along with my Brother, Nathan and of course, my Dad. We rose at 6am on Saturday morning to catch the 7:17am train from Chester straight through to London Euston. I am not one for mornings to say the least, I don’t think I’ve seen that time of the morning since I left my old job around 5/6 months ago. Lots of coffee was needed.

We arrived at London Euston at around 9:30am and started our little tourist-y section of the weekend. My brother has never been to London before and has wanted to go for a while. He absolutely loves trains and was excited to spend 2+ hours on the train up there. He was also excited to see what the London Underground was like, it’s safe to say he wasn’t a huge fan, but is glad that he has had the experience now. Anyway, first we headed to Madame Tussauds, as it made more sense to do this early as it would get busier in as the day went on. I booked our tickets online to save queuing when we arrived. They give you the option to collect your tickets on arrival or have them emailed to you so that you can just show the email containing the barcodes for entry. We walked from London Euston to Madame Tussauds as it was only a 20 minute walk and it probably would have took that long to actually get on the tube because it was so busy!


I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did my Brother and Nathan. My Dad found it a little boring, because he’s not really in to celebrities and things like that. But he plodded along, as he does. We then spent the rest of the day travelling to different sights in London, such as Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London etc. We actually managed to get around a lot which we thought we may not have managed. But we did! All before 5pm, but we we’re absolutely knackered. We ended up heading back to our room and picking up a Chinese takeaway on the way. Where we pretty much all fell asleep by 9pm, I wish I’d have stayed awake and gone for a wander but I was obviously too tired.


On the Sunday we headed down to Harrods, and Oxford Street before venturing to Camden. We got to Harrods around 10am, but it was shut until 11:30pm (with it being a Sunday). We ended up having a little nose around the street it was on, and then headed to Oxford St. I didn’t go into many shops in Oxford Street because I didn’t plan on spending any money, I mooched around Primark (and got lost) and we had a look around Selfridges but that was it really.


We got the tube from Oxford Street straight to Camden which was absolutely packed. It was 10 times busier than when Nathan and I went last February. You literally couldn’t move, my brother was very anxious with everyone around him so my Dad chose not to take him into the market because it was even worse in their. They chose to have a wonder by the lock whilst Nathan and I went into the market. We ended up getting some food from one of the Thai food stalls and we really wanted to pig out and get pancakes too but got too distracted wandering around the stalls and forgot.


By the time we came out of the market it was around 3pm and we decided to head back to Euston. But we decided to walk because it is only a 20 minute walk, instead of struggling with the tube.

On the train we got, pumpkin spiced latte in hand and we we’re home before we knew it. Overall we all had a really good time, the only downside was how busy it was. But what do you expect in the capital city?




5 Tips to Stay Organised

In all honesty, I wrote this post in hope that it would give me that kick up the backside to get the ball rolling with blogging again. As you probably have noticed, I haven’t really been the best blogger lately. I haven’t been motivated, and when I have been motivated, I’ve been too busy. I’ve been too busy because guess what? I haven’t been organised! Between my work life, blogging and personal life I have gotten a bit lost lately with my organisation particularly.

So, here are my favourite tips to kick that unorganised monster back into its corner.

  1. Get yourself a planner or diary. If there’s one thing that always helps me is to have all of my plans in my diary, no matter how big or small because then I can plan my spare time out effectively,
  2. Create to-do lists. Everyday. If you know what you need to get done that day, write it down in your list and tick tasks off as and when you do them.
  3. Set yourself goals. Goals always help me keep organised because it means setting myself deadlines, which keeps me productive. Setting myself goals always works well in my work life and blogging. I’m working on my blogging goals as we speak, in which I hope to hit some before the Christmas period.
  4. De-clutter If you’re like me, a messy atmosphere gives you a messy mindset. If I’m working in a cluttered space, it makes my mind cluttered, which leaves a messy outcome. Get rid of the things that you are keeping for a ‘just in case’ moment that will probably never happen. Struggling to de-clutter? Hollie Ann from It’s Hollie Ann has the perfect post to help you here.
  5. Take time out. If you plan your time out effectively enough, you’ll have time to chill out and not have to feel guilty about it. Day dreaming frees your mind which helps in the long run to be more productive.

Do you have any tips which you would like to share that help you get organised? I’d love to hear them! Drop them in the comments or tweet me.


Autumn ASOS Wishlist

With summer pretty much over now, I need to update my wardrobe to keep me warm over the autumn and winter months. ASOS is my favourite place to shop lately, purely because of the range they have on their website, so many options in just one place!

The colder months only mean one thing, jumpers, layers and my favourite ankle boots! I think autumn is definitely my favourite month for fashion because I just love layers and comfy clothes like oversized jumpers and scarves.

ASOS High Neck Midi Column Dress | New Look Oversized Sweatshirt
ASOS Cord Dungaree Dress Pinkmie Leather Look SkirtASOS Achme Chunky Zip Ankle Boots ASOS Oversized Chunky ScarfJonathan Aston Harmony Over The Knee Socks | ASOS Off the Shoulder Rib Bodysuit

Last but definitely not least, I couldn’t resist myself when I seen that ASOS have released their Halloween collection *insert pumpkin emoji here*.

Here are my favourite pieced from the Halloween collection –

ASOS Halloween Skeleton Cut Out Midi Dress | ASOS Halloween I’m Not Your Boo Phone Case | ASOS Halloween Skeleton Unicorn Socks

Are you Autumn ready yet? What are your favourite fashion picks this season, be sure to let me know!


Sunday Thoughts #21

I’M BACK… Or I will be, yesterday late afternoon/evening I spent the whoooole time getting back on the blogging wagon. This is going to happen, even if it kills me. I miss my blogging bubble so much, it hurts. So I have been making copious amounts of to-do lists, mind mapping new idea’s and finally post writing! YAY! 

I feel like I finally have my mojo back, and hopefully weather permitting I am going to be able to take some blog photo’s in the evenings this week along with finishing off half written posts and proofreading, lets get this show on the road.

This week has seen me kicking a lot of ass, I have been time managing pretty well and actually getting things done. I have been liaising with the lovely Geeta to have a sparkly brand new blog header coming your way at the end of the month who is doing an amazing job for me. Highly recommend.

I have finally booked the train tickets for our weekend in London this coming weekend, we’re going to my brother’s birthday because he want’s to go all tourist-y and see the sights of London so I’m totally looking forward to that. My brother absolutely loves trains so although I am dreading the train journey at 6am Saturday morning he is absolutely buzzing for it! If you have any book recommendations please throw them my way! I need something to kill the time.

Mel and I decided to opt for a take away pizza and chill out on her sofa, with her overly sized Labrador, Alfie on Thursday evening after work. It was absolutely delightful. She just get’s me which is something I absolutely love about her, I don’t have to justify anything I say to her – which is how a friendship should be. Oh, and who knew Tesco does cooked pizza to take away? Not me. Obviously, I do now. Mel has shown me the art that is Tesco’s take away pizza’s for LESS than £4. Have I been living in the stone ages or something?

Work has been draining, I have been speaking to new clients everyday so it has been fun and interesting but it is also very time consuming. I love to hear about peoples business and how they work to help others but it’s also very mind draining trying to remember and make the correct notes for our benefits, especially when you know you have a 12 hour day ahead of you – yay for being too kind and covering peoples over time last minute on a Friday when I should have been indulging in beer and fish and chips in the company meeting. Yes, you did read that right beer AND fish and chips in company meetings. I am working for the best company. Also, our newsletter came in the form of a newspaper. How cool?

Oh, and the last thing I have to tell you is I perfected the ultimate autumn eye make up yesterday. Winged eyeliner and all, but forgot to take a selfie, what a shambles. I have no proof, so you’ll just have to trust me because I can promise you now that I will not be able to perfect it the second time round. I am also really sad that I still cannot manage to pull off the berry and vampy coloured lipsticks that I have horded ready for autumn. Help, please?

I hope y’all are having a wonderful week, filled with layers and pumpkin spiced lattes.


Sunday Thoughts #20

I finally got a hair cut yesterday – only about 6 months over due! But my hair is feeling so much more healthy and I dyed it, so I am feeling freshhhhh. This week has been better than most, I don’t know why. Although I still don’t feel motivated, I spent yesterday with Mel, which was nice. We spent hours moaning – which probably isn’t the best way to spend your day off but it was kind of theraputic. I want to spend more time with her.

I was gutted that I had to get up early, as my hair appointment was at 9:30am. Who books an appointment that early on their first day off of the week, me! But I made the most of my day, I did some Christmas decoration shopping – I just need to get a tree now! It feels so surreal getting my own decorations. Anyway, after doing some shopping – I picked up yet another jumper from Primark – Mel and I went for a non-alcoholic drink and just bitched and moaned for hours on end. I then had to meet one of my team members for NuSkin to help get him started, and had my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte. It was amazing – why have I not tried one before?! It was like the ultimate autumn drink, my favourite winter drink will always be the Black Forrest hot chocolate from Costa though they are lush.

Rewind to the beginning of the week – one of the girls in work brought in The Girl on the Train for my to read and I got on it straight away. Yes, I have finished it already. I finished it last night. Such a mind bending plot twist! I loved it, but now I don’t want to go and see the film in case it doesn’t live up to expectations. I was so sure that I had planned out what was going to happen towards the end and I was completely wrong, but it was a lot better than what I had thought.

Friday, we went to Nathan’s Mums house after work because it was his baby sisters birthday – I say baby sister she’s 6 already! Time goes so quick it’s unreal. She was just 2 when I first met her! We had cake and I got to meet the new puppy, which I have to say he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. His name is Jimmy, and hes a baby Jack Russel and he is beautiful. He has made me want a puppy so bad, but it’s just not the right time for us with wanting to save for a mortgage etc. But, as soon as we have our own house I want a puppy it’s the first thing on my list.

Today has been the best lazy day I have had in months, I didn’t wake until 10:45am – I must have needed a lie in because I never sleep that late anymore. I got up and made a good old full English for breakfast and snuggled down to watch copious amounts of Prison Break before doing some work on my beauty business and then Lauren appeared. So we spent hours talking about the clowns coming over to the UK, the pineapple-pen song and bra’s. As us girls do. Now Nathan and I are settling down to watch more Prison Break before retiring to bed.

I hope the week ahead treats you well my dears.


P.s I realise I’ve been taking less photo’s every week now which sucks, I need to up my photo game!

Sunday Thoughts #19

Happy Sunday! I can’t believe its October already, this year is going to fast. Autumn is my favourite season for fashion and beauty because of the colours. You can get away with getting dark colours, all day, everyday. Autumnal colours are beautiful, the colours of the leaves changing on the tree’s and the dark nights drawing in. There’s Halloween and Bonfire night to look forward too and layering is a thing again. I can dig out my big comfy jumpers and its an excuse to go and buy more! Pumpkin carving, and hot chocolates with all of the marshmallows.

I just love autumn, I love going for walks in the evening when the sun is setting and wearing scarfs and cute chunky ankle boots, dark lips are back in fashion – which are my favourite might I add. Although I can never pull it off, I still love a dark lippy.

I’ve been for 2 walks this week – both with my dad and little brother in the village that I grew up in. It’s lovely to get lost in the fields by the river and reminisce about childhood, talk about the future. I’d love to move back down their, and bring my own family up in the village my family has lived in for years. I grew up there, my dad grew up there, my grandparents – it would be lovely to be near my family again. Although it’s just a 20 minute drive from where I live now, there’s something about that village that I love.


I haven’t really done much else this week, Saturday night Nathan and I ordered Chinese and watched copious amounts of Prison Break which is our new obsession. We’re on series 2, episode 7 in just over a week and I can’t believe we haven’t watched it sooner!

Today, I paid a visit to Primark and picked up a few bits for work – I only spent £44 and I picked up a dress, 2 tops, a skirt and some new flats before heading down to my dads for the afternoon. We’re planning a little trip to London which is going to be fun – my brother has never been past Liverpool on a train and he loves trains. We’re going purely to take my brother to see Big Ben and all of the sights. We’ve book an apartment to stay in because there’s going to be 5 of us all together, and now we just need to book train tickets.

That’s really all for this week, until the next… 


Disclaimer – the featured image for this post is not my own. You can find the direct link to it here.