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Lush Haul | Christmas Gifts

I was super lucky and received a hell of a lot of Lush goodies for Christmas this year, some I had tried others I have wanted for a while and just not got round to picking them up from my local Lush store. Today, I just thought it would be nice to share with you what I received.

Lush Hall - Christmas GiftsLush Hall - Christmas GiftsLush Hall - Christmas GiftsLush Hall - Christmas Gifts

Snow Fairy has been my ultimate favourite since the first time a picked it up a couple of years back, and I was lucky enough to be gifted two bottles this year. One 1kg bottle, and one 100g bottle, perfect for travelling, I’m definitely not going to run out for a while. I also received Rose Jam shower gel and Fairy Dust, both in 100g bottles.

I’ve never really gotten around to using any of Lush’s lib scrub, a lot of people use these before applying a matte lipstick to stop your lips from getting dry and cracked. This year I was given Bubblegum, and Santa’s lip scrub so I have no excuse not to exfoliate my lips now. Silky smooth lips for me.

My sister treated me to the Night before Christmas gift set. Which includes a bath bomb and a bath melt. Shooting for the Stars and Snow Angel. I’ve never used either of these before, Snow Angel is very glittery and I love a little bit of sparkle in my life so I can’t wait to use this! Shooting for the Stars is a honey scented bath bomb, with a hint of Brazilian orange which sounds lush. I love fruity scents, so this one is definitely for me.

I also have wanted to try the Experimenter after seeing lots of people post about it on blogs, and social media so I can’t wait to see the ray of colours it leaves my bath water.

When I attended a Lush event a couple of years ago (read about it here) we were shown what Stardust is like when you emerge it in water, all of the stars *insert heart eye emoji here* and when I found out it was being re-released as a Christmas edition again this year. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so I asked my Dad for it on my Christmas list this year along with Intergalactic.

I am so excited to start using these, I have been holding off until I had pictures for this blog post so now I can go nuts!


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14 responses to “Lush Haul | Christmas Gifts”

  1. WAIT, WHAT! They sell the “Snow Fairy ” in such a large bottle! I wish I’d know !!!! You’ve got such a lovely blog! I’d love if you could visit my blog and maybe even follow my blog. 🙂

  2. xoJenny says:

    Would you recommend the lip scrub? I’m in dire need of something for my lips they’ve been so dry…and I’m such a big lip gloss, stick, stain, everything applier lol and its just not cute applying anything onto dry cracked lips- I need to find a solution lol SOS

    xo, JJ

    • Kayla Jayne says:

      I definitely would! I don’t really wear lipstick regularly, that’s why I couldn’t bring myself to buy one because I thought it may just go to waste – but they’re definitely worth it if you wear lipsticks often.


  3. itstessalee says:

    Im obsessed with lush’s lip scrubs! They are a must do before applying lipstick for me. Honestly I can say Im obsessed with all of lush’s products lol. If you haven’t tried it, i highly recommend the sea spray from lush, its awesome!

    xx Tessa

    • Kayla Jayne says:

      I’ll have to have a look into the Sea Spray 🙂 I love all things lush myself, its just that I don’t tend to wear lipstick often so I’ve never really thought about using the lip scrub.

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  4. Holly Elizabeth Guyer says:

    Just found your blog, it’s lovely! Love your posts 🙂 xx

  5. I’m obsessed with Snow Fairy too! 🌻

  6. That is one hell of a box. I love their Snow Fairy Body conditioner and I can only imagine that their shower gel smells equally as good. That blue bath bomb looks like a dream too. Probably very Instagram worthy once it hits the water haha.

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    • Kayla Jayne says:

      I haven’t tried the body conditioner but I can imagine it being heavenly! I used the Shooting for the Stars bath bomb recently and it definitely was Instagram worthy *heart eyes*
      I’d be happy to hear some further information if you could drop me an email, my address is in my contact page 🙂

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