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Friday Favourites – Blogger Appreciation

Thank the lord it’s Friday, oh how I love waking up and realising it’s the last day of the working week. Today I’d like to share some blogging love along the lines of a little blogger appreciation.

I’m going to apologise beforehand as I don’t know how long this post is going to end up being as there’s so many that I want to mention. Some are a few of my newbie reads, they may not be new bloggers but, they’re people and blogs that I have only just come across and now I can’t help but find myself checking their blog every other day to see if they have a new post up! Others will be my all time favourites. The ones that I have followed since day 1 of my little journey on the internet.

Here goes…

Tessa, Holly Sparkle – Tessa’s outfits are just to die for and she picks the most beautiful places to take her pictures for said outfit posts. Looking through Holly Sparkle makes me wish I had the confidence to feature more fashion posts on Dainty Dweeb.

Sarah, See The Stars – What is there not to love about Sarah? I have had the pleasure of speaking with her a few times on twitter and she is just lovely! Her blog photo’s give me that kick up the backside to make more effort with mine because they are just amazing. See The Stars is always somewhere I turn to for inspiration when I’m lacking, ’cause Sarah’s just awesome.

Hollie, Its Hollie Ann – I am so envious of this girls travelling experiences, Vegas? If only my bank balance would allow it. I have the pleasure of knowing Hollie in real life, we actually work together and it’s actually so nice to be able to talk blogging with someone who gets it. We have talked about helping each other with outfit posts and things like that but it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully this is something we can start doing in the near future because it would be super fun!

Hannah, Hannah Jarvis Cruelty free beauty lover always gives great recommendations and reviews on the products she tries, you can always count on her giving her honest opinion. Hannah is another blogger I know in real life, I used to work with her and she works with Nathan currently. She’s lovely and very funny to talk to.

Alice, Always Alice I have only recently started reading Alice’s posts, but I am in love with her style of writing, you can definitely feel her personality coming across in her posts. I’m an avid lover of lifestyle posts, and Alice has plenty of these. I absolutely loved reading about her wedding, it sounds like she had a lovely day. I highly recommend you check out her blog, especially if your a lover of lifestyle posts like myself.

Kimberley, The Colour Chronicles – Kimberley has a ray of colourful lipsticks which I don’t think I’d ever be able to pull off. I swear this girl suits every colour imaginable? She’s quirky, and very open and I think that’s why I love her.

Sarah, The Scarlet State – Sarah’s Taboo Talk posts are my main love of her blog. In this series of posts she talks about things that really matter, subjects that some of us love to read but are maybe too scared to share our own opinions and experiences on. This is why I love her. She ain’t afraid to say what she thinks, she shares her own experiences on things like contraceptives and eating disorders and I give her a huge high five for that because as difficult it may have been she brought her experiences to light to help others. Kudos to you, girl. P.s your art/drawing skills are amazing.

Jess, I am Foxxtailz – Jess is my ultimate favourite fashion blogger because she’s so real. Her outfits are always quirky, creative and her hair is crazy colours which I wish I had the balls to do. I feel like she is 100% herself through her blog and her personality definitely shines through her posts.

So these are just a handful of a much larger group of bloggers that I love. I think if I carried on this post would probably be like ten thousand words long and I don’t really want to bore you to death.

Share some of your own blogger appreciation, let me know what blogs/bloggers your loving below! Also, would you like to see more of these blogger appreciation posts?



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7 responses to “Friday Favourites – Blogger Appreciation”

  1. ivefoundwaldo says:

    This was so great! I’m all for bloggers supporting other bloggers and girls supporting other girls! I’m deff gonna check out everyone you mentioned. Have a beautiful weekend love xxx

    Melina x

  2. MOMPUNK says:

    I looove that you do this – sometimes searching through the millions of blogs out there is exhausting and I never know who to check out! For sure going to follow some of these.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yessss, blogger love!! I can’t wait to check these all out! Thank you <3

    xx, Pia

  4. Hollie says:

    Thank you so much for the mention Kayla! Traveling is great but I’m literally poor like 96% of the year haha. We can definitely start shooting some outfit posts when you’re free, we’ll get planning soon! 😘

    Hollie X

    • Kayla Jayne says:

      You’re very welcome my dear! I’m still jealous of your travelling, I’m poor 100% of the year and I never get chance for a holiday hahaha. I’m free 99% of the time I’m not in work so whenever’s good for you is good for me!

  5. Zoe Jackson says:

    I love this post, I cant wait to go and check these bloggers blogs out. I love these kinds of posts. 🙂

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