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Why I Did I Start Blogging? | Sunday Thoughts

To a lot of people this may sound like a stupid question, we all started blogging because we enjoy it right? But for some people, like myself, there’s a little more behind it than ‘just because I enjoy it‘.

I have always been very creative in a lot of different ways I suppose, and when you’re a creative person you’re always looking for an outlet. Throughout my educational years, I loved art – I still do! I just don’t get time to sit and draw for hours on end like I’d want to. These days it’s more just of a doodle here and there and because I don’t put too much effort it into my doodles 99% of the time they’re a load of crap.

Why Did I Start Blogging?Why Did I Start Blogging?

I also danced for a fair few years, until I finished college. I turned 18 and I just stopped, no idea why or how – just one day the passion to dance was there, and then it wasn’t. I’d love to get back into it but man, I just love to binge on junk food a little bit more these days, and the physique is just no longer there. Which I’m growing to accept, I’m no longer that 18 year old size 6-8, that could dance for hours on end and still be able to walk afterwards. People change.

In my college years, I did art, media studies and dance. Probably the most creative mixture you could come up with in A Levels. I loved the fact that I could create art in all different formats everyday, from music video’s and blogging to pencil drawings and so on, so forth. But when I left college and went into full time work. All of that creativity just disappeared – just like that. Poof, and it was gone. Well apart from the fact that my job title in Subway was Sandwich Artist. But there really was no art to making a sub, slap it all on and there you go. From there, I literally had no creative outlet. No reason to do anything, and I was working ridiculous hours too so even trying to fit anything in was much near impossible. But, I did manage to fit a few tattoo sessions in, placing art on my skin is creativity too, right? I had a few idea’s and my fabulous tattooist brought them to life. Although, I think he’d prefer the work awesome, rather than fabulous – sorry Dan!

Why Did I Start Blogging?

All of that rambling on brings me here, to Kayla Jayne. The only creative outlet I have left and that’s what it is to me. My creative outlet. Although most posts are me rambling on about anything that comes to mind, and to some it may not be so creative. But to me, it’s my creativity. I design my own blog headers, and all though my photo’s aren’t that great – I take them all myself. It’s something that subsides my desire to create, for now at least. I see all these independent women who are starting they’re own businesses and shops and I’m sat here like damn girl you could do that. Truth is I really couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to survive all my bills without my full time job and I certainly don’t have the time around that to all the work that comes with your own business. So high five to you gal’s (and guys) who take the plunge and do your own thing. You are great.

Why did you start blogging? I’d love to hear your story! Tweet me or drop a comment below.


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19 responses to “Why I Did I Start Blogging? | Sunday Thoughts”

  1. ivefoundwaldo says:

    I started blogging as an outlet for my emotions. I don’t talk about it much on my blog, but I was mentally a wreck and my therapist suggested doing something to take my mind off of my life in a positive way. From the moment she brought it up, I realized that I should start a blog. I always wanted to have one, but was really nervous and anxious to do so. I’m not the best writer, and I didn’t really know how I felt about everyone looking at and judging my every thought.
    I have to say that creating a blog is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It really is something that excites me, and just keeps me an overall more productive person xxx


  2. I started blogging to help me through a very horrible time I was going through emotionally and I’ve always been creative, I love to write so blogging seemed like the only option and for that I’m greatful. It’s great you have a creative outlet to let your creativity to shine throug.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. ThinkFeelStrong says:

    Loved this. Always interesting to see what motivates others’ to blog. For me, I just needed a creative outlet. Writing has been my passion since I can remember, I Just needed a way to express my thoughts and feelings. Blogging seemed to be the perfect way to do that! x

  4. bexfaye says:

    Wow you are such a creative person! I’d love to be as creative! I started blogging because I fell in love with doing it when I was interning for a children’s charity! Great post! X


  5. jodiedcmitchell says:

    Your art is beautiful! I was the same with dance, I was dancing for about 10 years until I finished sixth form, I just found it too difficult to continue when being PERMANENTLY tired from suddenly being in full time work!

  6. Your photos are soo pretty! I love them loads, also you are soo creative those drawings are amazing wish I could be that talented! I started blogging just as an escape, I’ve always liked writing. A college project slowly turned into a passion.

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

    • Kayla Jayne says:

      thank you so much lovely, I just wish I had more time to be creative – I hate having to contain it to just my blog but I just don’t have the time!

      I actually started a blog in my Media course in college and without that I don’t think I ever would have thought of blogging as a creative outlet! xxx

  7. Gracie says:

    I love reading the story behind another’s blog!

  8. lolitambonita says:

    Your artwork is incredible! I started my first blog when I wanted to be an Artist manager so it was all about music and concerts. I found I couldnt really keep uo that lifestyle and changes massively as a person. From someone who was out late, never sleeping, eating poor I switched to a healthy lifestyle and started blogging that journey instead! X
    Lola Mia // http://www.lolitabonita.co.uk

  9. xoJenny says:

    Aw I love when people share how their blog got started, everyone has their own story behind it all and it’s interesting to see. But I totally agree, blogs are a wonderful way to express creativity and just being flat out a great personal outlet! I love that you can share your art through writing.
    For me, I have a passion for writing and photos. And I’ve always wanted a way to document my life (something like a scrapbook or photo album- which I never actually have time to sit down and do) so to me my blog is like my online scrapbook/photo album, holder of all my cherished memories!

    xo, JJ

    • Kayla Jayne says:

      I love your reason Jenny, such a personal touch and great way to think of it 🙂 I used to make scrapbooks out of pictures and things like cinema tickets, train tickets, wristbands but I just never get the time anymore! xx

  10. Thanks for sharing your story! I started by blog because I was bored at home and was spending too much money internet shopping, I decided to start a blog to keep me busy! Also, because I was just feeling uninspired and stuck in a rut. Before I started my blog (2 months ago), I had never even read a blog…I just had a light bulb moment one day!

  11. Wow, I am glad I saw this piece of work. I too ,love to hear the stories behind every one’s blog . Thanks for giving me an opportunity . As for why I started blogging ,well I have too many thoughts racing one behind the other and there are so many things about which I wish to write about, topics not many are comfortable to address ,issues many would prefer not to raise ,changes that many people want to bring about but lack the courage to do so. I in my humble manner wish to be that voice who hopefully might bring some minor change .

  12. For exactly the same reason!! After I finished College & Uni, I had to work full time to pay the bills and being creative got lost amongst everything! I didn’t feel completely satisfied with my life so started to blog to channel the creativity busting to get out! Loved this post! ❤️

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