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Things I Learnt from Living with My Fiancé

Nathan and I have been together for a good few years now. We’ve lived together for the majority of our relationship, whether that’s with parents or in our own place. Find out what I’ve learned since he’s become my Fiancé.


He will refuse to watch TV programmes you rave over, such as Love Island for the first few episodes. But before you know it its 8:55pm and he’s rushing around, getting food to munch on, making sure the TV remote is to hand and shouting you to let you know said TV show is about to start.

You’ll lose all personal space. He’s in the bath and you need to pee, so what? Since he became my Fiancé, I think it’s become even worse!

He will use a whole bottle of air freshener after going to the bathroom instead of opening the window, which in turn will choke you out next time you need to go in there.

Cuddles on a Sunday morning are literally THE best way to end the week and prepare you for the next week of craziness.

He is NEVER going to learn how to use the washing machine, no matter how many times you try to teach him.

You’ll realise how much a bed hog you are when he’s waking you up at 3am trying to move you back over to your side of the bed.

It will take at least 3 times for you to say something for him to actually acknowledge what you’ve said.

Cosy nights in on the sofa with your blanket, and a takeaway will become a more frequent thing than a night out on the town.

You will put on weight, its called being content, and its normal.

Have any of you learnt something from living with a partner? Let me know!

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  1. Meg says:

    love that you said “It will take at least 3 times for you to say something for him to actually acknowledge what you’ve said” haha, so relatable! Sometimes I will tell my fiance something, and then like a week later someone ELSE will tell him the same thing and then he is so amazed and feels the need to inform me like.. umm.. I told you that a week ago mate haha

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