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5 Camping Necessities

5 Camping Necessities

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been on a little adventure recently. We went to Shell Island camping, we definitely picked the right weekend for it, the weather was dreamy.

The point to this post, is I’ve never been camping. There was 8 of us that went, some had been when they were younger but the majority of us had never been before. I had no idea what to pack and I picked up nearly all of these necessities whilst I was away. I thought, well if someone else is in my position maybe, just maybe, this post may come in handy! Here goes;

  • Bite cream – I as quite lucky, and was only bit once or twice by the pesky little gnat’s, however there were one or two people that were absolutely covered in bites. I’d definitely recommend taking some, just in case!
  • Lights – Having drinks around the camp fire is great! But when you run out of supplies, it gets dark super quickly. If you’re not ready for bed by this time, I’d recommend taking some sort of battery powered lanterns or lights because trying to find your next bottle of beer in the dark can be a task in its self!
  • Sun cream – We were super lucky with the weather for our trip, which meant the majority of us burnt on the first day. Sun cream is definitely a must, because being by the sea means there is a nice breeze and you don’t realise just how strong the sun is.
  • Dry shampoo – We went for three nights, which was just long enough to manage without having to wash my hair – this is where my handy bottle of dry shampoo came in handy for the last day!
  • Cool box – This is definitely a necessity we should have thought about investing before hand! Keeping drinks and food cool in the 26+ degree heat was such a task without a cool box. In the end we ended up buying two large buckets, bags of ice and keeping them in the shade to keep the majority of our things cool.

Shell Island CampingShell Island CampingShell Island Camping

I know camping isn’t for everybody, but for my first time I really enjoyed it and we’ve actually been again since! We only purchased cheap pop up tents for this year to see if we enjoyed it, but we’re looking at investing bigger tents for next year because it was so fun! Especially because the weather held up and the company was just fab.



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