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Useful Tips for when Burnout Hits

We all suffer from burnout, we may not like to admit it and most of us try to push past it. News flash, thats probably not always the best way to go about it, sometimes you have to acknowledge it to make it better. I’ve suffered with burnout way to many a time and I, pretty much, always know when its coming. I get the dreaded writers block, I start to turn to caffeine more and I become extremely irritable; soz Nathan. This is because I let myself get exhausted, and guess what? I’m guilty of pushing it to the back of my mind and pretending like it’s not happening. Today we’re going to talk about some useful tips to help when when burnout is creeping up on us to help ease the hit.

Useful tips for when burnout hits

SLEEP, glorious sleep

My greatest talent is being able to sleep. Anywhere, anytime, whatever the situation, if I’m tired I can sleep. This is one thing I can truly say I’ve never struggled with. When you’re exhausted, you may struggle sleeping. But truth is that it’s the best thing for you, a good nights sleep. I see a lot of people raving about Lush’s fairly new ‘Sleepy’ range, pillow spray, body wash, all I seem to hear about it is good so if you’re struggling with sleep I’d definitely say give that a whirl.

Take a break

It can seem like the most counterproductive thing to do when you know you have a gazillion things on your to-do list. But if you can feel yourself getting to that burnout stage, do the adult thing. Recognise that if you don’t have a break your mind and body is going to force you too anyway. Schedule yourself some time in before you let yourself get there.

Practice self care

I am all for self care this year, in all its mighty forms. It’s so important to take some time out for yourself. Run yourself a nice bath, grab your current read or an old favourite and dive on in. When you get out, don’t go back to your to-do list, pamper yourself. Either a face mask, or a full body moisturise, paint your nails. Girl, just do your thing.

Accept it

Okay, so you’ve missed all the usual signs. You’re already exhausted, that’s okay. You’ve just gotta let it happen, just don’t be too hard on yourself and accept it! What will be, will be. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, find something to watch on Netflix and snuggle up.

Do you have any useful tips for when you can feel burnout creeping up on you? Share them with me below or tweet me!

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19 responses to “Useful Tips for when Burnout Hits”

  1. helloaycan says:

    The most important thing to me about overcoming burnout is not feeling guilty about taking a break. I’m learning that sometimes I need more than my scheduled set breaks. I just like to relax and watch tv mostly, and I try and get out and do something fun too.

    Aycan // http://www.littlewhitesocks.com

  2. I totally agree with all of these. I’m really trying to be more mindful this year of allowing myself self care time, to unwind and disconnect from everything else xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  3. Jade says:

    This post is really helpful thank you so much for sharing enjoyed this


  4. hanmorris97 says:

    What a great post! I’m terrible for trying to push through a burn out, which never helps. I definitely need to learn to take a break and not feel guilty for it xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  5. elenmaii says:

    My go-to during a burnout is to have a long relaxing bath, ignore social media for an evening and read a book or binge watch my favourite show on Netflix. Works every time! Your own well-being is more important than anything x
    El | Welsh Wanderer

  6. Aaliyah says:

    I definelty feel burnout sometimes where everything feels too much and I usually like to have a nice bath and just relax. Sleep is also a must because when I’m over tired I feel burnout too. These are really great points! Great post x

  7. glowsteady says:

    Accepting it can be so hard! I always try to push through and get whatever I’m doing finished but I always regret it. Nothing better than sleeping it off when you’re fully burnt out though x


  8. Lucy says:

    Taking a break is definitely a great thing to do, doesn’t matter how long! I always find once I’ve had a break, I feel like I have so much more inspiration!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. I think the most important thing to do is accept it like you said, its ok and thats all that matters!

  10. Agree with all of these especially taking a break! I never think it’s really counterproductive as it always helps me in the long run after I’ve had that break 🙂
    Sarah x

  11. Gosh I envy you so much as I find it so hard to sleep when I have burn-out, and I’m burnt-out because of my lack of sleep so it’s a bit of a vicious cycle. I find accepting it really helps me out though and I do try my best to relax… Hopefully I can get better at it this year!

  12. Like you, I’m so guilty of pushing past the warning signs of burnout until I’m so exhausted and irritable that I literally can’t get anything done. I think this is partly because I have the tendency to put the needs of my clients above my own, which is something I’m definitely trying to change this year. One of the big things that’s helping with this is self care, as you recommended; just giving myself permission to do something that feels good for me is so beneficial! I definitely need to get better at sleeping more, though; I struggle with insomnia and this gets so much worse when I’m starting to feel burnt out. I might have to try the ‘Sleepy’ stuff next time I’m near a lush shop.

  13. lolitambonita says:

    It is so important to realise when your body is taking on too much!

    Lola Mia x

  14. Alura Dupuis says:

    love love love this post hun. my usual go-to is a relaxing bubble bath followed by my favorite show on Netflix xo


  15. The Amy Tales says:

    These tips are so useful. I agree with them all. I burnout a lot with work and just life in general and i’m so guilty of letting sleep and self care slide. Its so bad we all definitely need to learn to focus on this more and take a time out. Its hard when you can’t sit still you do burn the candle at both ends. Great post 💕

  16. justnatonya says:

    Sleep! It’s so important, and I’ll admit I haven’t had much sleep. Some days I’ll wake up tired and feel like not doing anything which makes me less productive. But like you said, practicing self-care helps. We gotta take care of our mind and bodies first before work or projects. Gotta adapt the power of no. Thanks for this!

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

  17. Michelle says:

    I am with you on the sleep thing! I feel like I’m always exhausted and sleeping is the best way I can cope with anxiety. Love these tips – regular self care is so important.

  18. Hopefully third attempt will be the charm! I really love your blog header/logo – it is a beautiful design.

    Also, this post is a great reminder to regularly take care of yourself! It is so amazing what regularly walking out in the sun and fresh air can do to boost your mood and overall feelings of positivity.

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