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25 Idea’s for the Perfect Self Care Sunday

Now, I’ve talked quite a bit about self care on here recently, and one thing I’ve realised is how different everyones definition of self care can be. So I thought I’d write a list of some of my self care idea’s. I’m hoping there’s a little bit of something for everyone here, whatever your needs may be.

  1. Write a to-do list
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Read a book
  4. Declutter and rearrange your ‘you’ space
  5. Write down 10 things that make you happy
  6. Take a nap
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Do some colouring
  9. Write down any negative thoughts/feelings
  10. Watch your favourite feel-good movie
  11. Listen to your favourite playlist (if you don’t have one, make one!)
  12. Eat your favourite snack
  13. Paint your nails
  14. Treat yourself to your favourite flowers
  15. Keep hydrated
  16. Create a wishlist
  17. Exfoliate and moisturise
  18. Call a friend
  19. Burn your favourite candle
  20. Do a workout
  21. Cook your favourite meal
  22. Take an hour away from your phone
  23. Allow your self to daydream
  24. Put on a face mask
  25. Smile, it really is infectious

Self Care Sunday

What do you in your self care time on a Sunday? Or any other day of the freakin’ week! Share your routines, I’d love to hear some fresh self care idea’s!

I know, I’ve been a little absent over the past few weeks here on the good ol’ blog, but that’s because I’ve been, y’know, living. I’m trying to ease myself back into a routine so here we are today. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

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10 responses to “25 Idea’s for the Perfect Self Care Sunday”

  1. These are some great ways for a perfect self-care Sunday! I especially love 2 and 3! xx

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Batool says:

    Such a lovely post and perfect for a relaxing self care day! Will be trying 2 and 5!! Xx

  3. Kristy says:

    I’m a mom to two little ones, so I can’t remember the last time I did something for me. This list inspires me!

  4. These are some great self care ideas! I’ve been getting into face masks myself which i love at the moment x

    Ashleigh | https://ashleighwrites.co.uk

  5. Lexi says:

    I have almost like a “scheduled” Self-care Sunday where I take a shower, do a face mask, whiten my teeth, moisturize my whole body and relax LOL. Every. Sunday. It’s really what I need

  6. Amber says:

    Oh I love this, especially buying flowers… There’s a beautiful florist down the road from me and you’ve insipred me to buy some flowers for myself haha

  7. So many lovely ideas, I 100% need of a self care day.
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  8. tonyalee says:

    Great tips! I really need to take more time for myself!

    Tonyalee @ vivaciousbibliophile.com

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