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20 things I want to do in my twenties 

I’ve always wanted to write a bucket list but never actually gotten around to doing it. So, here I am surrounded with scribbles and doodles trying to figure out the…

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Sparkling Teeth : Whitening Toothpaste Review

So around two months ago I bought a whitening toothpaste from one of the girls in work. She started her own little business venture with a company called NuSkin. I…

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Back To Reality | Sunday Thoughts

We’re back to reality and breathe. After last weeks hectic week, it was kind of surreal to get back into my normal routine of work but at the same time…

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Inspirations for a Lifestyle Post

This post idea came from a question in a recent #blogospherechat, the question was what do you do if you’re lacking inspiration – or something along those words. You’d swear…

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I’m a Fiancée, with a Licence?! | Sunday Thoughts

Catch up on what's been going on in my life!…

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