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Back To Reality | Sunday Thoughts

We’re back to reality and breathe. After last weeks hectic week, it was kind of surreal to get back into my normal routine of work but at the same time it was nice. It made it feel like it was all actually real. Monday was my first day back in work. It was so weird having the reality of driving to work myself! I left a little early…

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Inspirations for a Lifestyle Post

This post idea came from a question in a recent #blogospherechat, the question was what do you do if you’re lacking inspiration – or something along those words. You’d swear a light bulb had just appeared above my head when this question came up because I thought what a great idea for a post? Well, here we are; Inspirations for a Lifestyle post. You could…

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I’m a Fiancée, with a Licence?! | Sunday Thoughts

Catch up on what's been going on in my life!…

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Disney-holic Wishlist

I love Disney, I mean come on – who doesn’t? I definitely class myself a Disney-holic, I have tonnes of Disney themed things around the house, from pictures to mugs and much, much more. Disney AND wishlist’s are definitely my two favourite things. So, there’s no better way to spend a dull afternoon other than window shopping all the Disney items I wish I had the money to…

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Liverpool Shopping Adventure

Last week mumma and I took a little trip futher out than usual. Even though Liverpool is just on our doorstep, I haven’t been in months and mumma hasn’t been in years. So we thought it would be nice for a little change. With my birthday quickly approaching, she decided that she would like to take me shopping for some new clothes. So she suggested Liverpool.…

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