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Defining Self Care

Are you fed up of me banging on about self care yet? No? Good, because it is so important. Defining self care is such a difficult thing to do, that’s because what I class as self care, you may not. There are so many different things that I class as self care, which you may think ‘well, I do that without even thinking; is it really…

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What’s on my Spring Wishlist

It’s been a little while since I posted a Wishlist on this little corner of mine. Since the weathers been getting a litter warmer, and the days are getting ever so slightly longer. I thought, SPRIIIIING is on its way. Oh heeey new wishlist. Today I thought I’d do this a little differently a create a few different sections for my wishlist. We’re gonna go…

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3 Tips to Defeat Money Management Nightmares

My money management used to be appalling, I’ll be the first to admit it. I just enjoyed treating myself after payday and before I knew it, I was skint and I’d still have like two weeks until next pay day. But since actually putting some ‘rules’ into place to save for a mortgage, I have to say it has gotten better. Don’t get me wrong,…

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5 European Cities on my Wishlist

I’ve been dreaming about a city break getaway for so long, like seriously. I’ve not been on a plane for 6 years and I’m waaaay overdue a trip. So, me being me, I’ve been researching some nice little European cities for a break (or two). I’ve been looking at where I’d like to go, others recommendations etc and here’s what I’ve come up with. Amsterdam…

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Useful Tips for when Burnout Hits

We all suffer from burnout, we may not like to admit it and most of us try to push past it. News flash, thats probably not always the best way to go about it, sometimes you have to acknowledge it to make it better. I’ve suffered with burnout way to many a time and I, pretty much, always know when its coming. I get the…

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