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Hello 2019 | The Year of Self Care

Okay, so it’s just over a week into 2019. Let’s say hello to the year of self care (for me anyway). I haven’t made any New Years resolutions, because that’s not me. But I have set myself a few small goals and made myself a promise for this year. Hopefully my goals will outgrow me in a few months and I’ll have to make new…

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My Gifts this Christmas | 2018 Edition

Disclaimer. Before we even start this post, I’m in no way sharing this post to ‘brag’ about my gifts this Christmas. I know how much I love being nosey and seeing other peoples gifts so, if you’re like me, this ones for you! I’ve been well and truly spoilt this year, I have to admit it. I have tried to photograph most of my gifts…

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10 Things I’ve Learnt in 2018

We’re almost at the end of 2018 and I have to say it has been an incredible year all around! Some of you may have realised that I took a few more blogging breaks than expected throughout the end of 2017 and 2018. I’ve only recently got back into my blogging bubble but I have learnt quite a lot about life and myself whilst enjoying life. In the beginning of 2018…

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Why I love the Festive Period

It’s just 4 days until Christmas, can you believe December is going so quick? I feel like if I blink, we’re going to be in January already. I’d like to say I’m a self-confessed Christmas-holic, but I don’t think it’s just Christmas I love. It’s the lead up to it, the I love the festive period. From the end of October, I tend to be…

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My Top Festive Picks on Netflix

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! I’m definitely feeling the festivities this year, and I thought what a better thing to do than to bring my festivities to my little space online with my top festive picks out of the Netflix originals I’ve seen so far! In my opinion, the best way to get festive is to snuggle up with your favourite snacks, a…

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