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A little peak into my Christmas List

So this year, I have created a Wishlist via Wishtlistr for my Christmas list. Yes, I still make Christmas lists because I’d much rather be given gifts I want/need rather than…

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TV Series Worth Binge Watching

I have missed binge watching TV series, because I feel like I’ve watched 99% of them. We’ll not 99% of ALL series, but the ones I’ve been recommended. So, now…

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Am I A Hypocrite? Why We’re Back In a Rental Property

Around a year and a half ago, I wrote about rental properties being a waste of money. However, here we are again. Nathan and I have moved back in to…

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Blogging Home Truths | Sunday Thoughts

I’m not a full time blogger, and truth be told I don’t think I ever will be. I’m happy with blogging as hobby, plus I don’t think I could ever…

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My Ultimate Beauty Wishlist

Today we’re going to talk about the beauty-phobe I really am. There are a hell of a lot of beauty items which I have been lusting over for what seems…

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