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Autumn Home Décor

One thing I miss more than actually having my own house, is being able to change up the décor with the seasons – especially Autumn. If you didn’t know already it’s my favourite season of the 4. I love the darker evenings, getting out of the bath into my cosy PJ’s and dressing gown with candles lit. Everything about this season just screams me. The nights…

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Things I Learnt from Living with My Fiancé

Nathan and I have been together for a good few years now. We’ve lived together for the majority of our relationship, whether that’s with parents or in our own place. Find out what I’ve learned since he’s become my Fiancé. He will refuse to watch TV programmes you rave over, such as Love Island for the first few episodes. But before you know it its…

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What’s On My Summer Fashion Wishlist

The sun has been shining and that only means one thing, I need to change up my wardrobe a little. I came to get dressed for work ready for the 21 degree highs last week and realised, I literally had nothing which is weather appropriate. Which obviously lead to a little online shopping, and a cheeky little Summer Wishlist. I thought, maybe I should get rid of the thick…

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5 Destinations on my Travel Wishlist

It gets to springtime and all I can think of is holidays and adventures. Although Nathan and I won’t be going far this year, probably just a UK break due to saving I can help but think of all the amazing places I would like to travel to. So, I thought what better than to share those places with you guys. Obviously, being the Disney…

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Chester Zoo Photo Diary

My favourite place for a day out is definitely Chester Zoo. So when Nathan suggested going for a they last week, there was no way I was going to say no. We usually go once a year, and always go on a week day at this time of year purely because it’s quiet. Yes, the weather is a little more chilly but you can wrap up, and being able…

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